Raising My Superkids Are you a fan of comics? Are you a gamer? Do you enjoy helping people? If so, then you should be all about Raising My Superkids, and no, not my personal, super-powered offspring. Of course I’m talking about the upcoming mobile game being created by Social Media Applications.

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Raising My Superkids (RMS) will see you take the role of caretaker for a super-powered child. Over the course of the game, you’ll experience all the milestones a real parent would, such as first steps and birthdays. You’ll feed and shelter your young ward, training them in the use of their powers until the day they can finally step into the world as a hero in their own right.

Along the way, you’ll be able to raise money for charity through RMS. During the game, as you add improvements to your house to help with your Super Kid, you’ll be able to access and build on to special rooms. The building of these rooms will be how you can help benefit the various charities that are partnering with us on our project.

Raising My Superkids
That’s where you come in, ladies and gentlemen! This is a lofty project, which of course means, we’ll be needing as much of two things as we can get, and I’m not talking about masks and capes (we have enough of those). I’m talking about publicity and notoriety. We want to spread the message of RMS and what we’re aiming to do to as many people as possible across as many platforms as possible, and in particular, social media. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and anywhere else you can think to help spread word about RMS will help.

However, we’re not just hoping to spread word about what we’re doing, but also the financial aspect of RMS. Because of the unique nature of our product, we’ve developed our own crowdfunding campaign. Any help at all is appreciated, and because we love the fact that you’ll donate simply out of the goodness of your heart, there are several rewards for becoming a backer to our cause, including:

  • Digital Art from RMS.
  • Electronic copy of It’s All About Love: The Stan Lee Family.
  • In-game currency.
  • Much more (depending on your backer level).

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding RMS, Social Media Applications, or anything regarding our product feel free to get in contact. I’m always happy to speak with anyone willing to get involved and lend a hand.

BIO: Tyson Jones is a staff writer for Leviathyn, Anime Kiosk, and Tabloid.io.