Little Pieces If you take an object and accidentally break it, afterwards, when you finally mend it, will you be able to put back together all the little pieces? Some people may say sure, of course you can, if you have the time and the inclination. Whereas some others won't agree with this statement, and say that once something is broken, it will always remain so, no matter what you may do! Now a good example of this dilemma has been epitomized in a film made by my mate Adam. Here, check it out to see what he has to say...

1) For those who didn’t catch the press release, what are your own origins, Adam?   I’m a writer / director from Portsmouth, located on the south coast of the UK. I was educated in film at Portsmouth University, specialising in film theory. I’m also a qualified teacher, and taught film production at further education colleges in the UK prior to making Little Pieces, and still teach art and English at special needs schools since finishing it.

Little Pieces
2) What inspired the creation of ‘Little Pieces’?   I think that the era of the short film as a calling card is gone; equipment is so cheap now and the overall cost of the process has dropped significantly. I wanted to stand out and I wanted to be taken seriously, as someone who had ambition so that in the future people could see the potential in me as an investment. I didn’t want to make a cheap carbon copy of a genre I admired; I wanted to make something that had a voice I could say was mine. 

Little Pieces may not be as polished or as tight as other films on the market, but I think the ambition and intent shines through and it should be clear to people that if we had a higher budget we could do some great stuff.

3) In your own words how would you describe this story?   It’s a story about people: A crisis that divides them and subsequently brings them together. I wanted to emulate the way we receive news as a society: we start with the big event, and piece the history leading up to that event and deal with it. I wanted to present that macro idea on a micro level. As we went through the process and the cast brought new ideas to the script, it became a film about family, love, redemption and the cycle of violence.

Little Pieces4) If this film omitted a collective odor, what would it smell like and why?   Grime, sweat, blood and hope. It’s a grimy looking film that we worked hard on and I like to think that by the end there’s a sense of optimism involved.

5) What song would you say best represents your wares and why?   The song I listened to most whilst making Little Pieces was About Today by The National. I really wanted a song like that to end the film with. I couldn’t find one but the song we have now fits perfectly so it doesn’t matter. That song will always remind me of the film, the process and the final product.

6) If you could get a known celebrity – either living or dead – to promote this flick, who would you choose, and why would you want this particular person?   Wow! That’s a tough one. I’m not a real celebrity person, and I don’t get star struck or follow many celebrity’s lives. I would love Mark Kermode to review it though, because I love his frank style of reviewing films yet would be afraid of being on the receiving end of a Kermodian rant. 

Little Pieces
7) What were the main obstacles you had to contend with along the way?   Time. There’s never enough time to do everything you want. Money wasn’t a concern because the script was written for the budget, but if we had more time we would have been able to get more coverage and have more to play with during the edit. During the middle of the second week we had all warmed up and hit our stride, managing to get through the pages a lot faster and get more coverage after that. If you watch the film you’ll probably be able to tell which scenes were from the first week because of the variety of shots.

8) If ‘LP' had a motto, what do you think it would be?   It already has a motto -- All the pieces matter. 

Well, you heard the man. All the pieces matter. Especially the pieces attached to the Little Pieces film, such as its website, facebook, and IDBM pages. 

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