Teen Titans 42In the month of whatever, two-thousand and burp, DC Comics took it upon themselves to do a very childish thing. For reasons that have nothing to do with nostalgia, product placement, marketing, or a preconceived cash incentive, they decided to grace their covers with one singular theme: Teen Titans Go. A cartoon, plus a style of animation, ready to be taken down a peg or two.

Green Lantern 42

How Many Times Do We Have To Tell
You, Raven? Fear Is An Emotion We
Don't Want In The Green Lantern Corps.

Superman / Batman - Teen Titans Go

You Know How I Said I'd Make You
 Bleed, Superman? Well, Can I
Replace That Last Word With 'Sing'?

Flash 42

With All That Pounding, Flash, I Can
Sense Some Sexual Frustration In You.
Either That, Or You Hate Green Apes.

Deathstroke - Teen Titans Go

Get Out Of The Way, Batman.
Deathstroke's So Cute Now, The Sight
Of Him Can Actually Cause Diabetes.

Superman / Wonder Woman - Teen Titans Go

Please Give Me That Ice-Cream, Kind Sir.
If You Do, I Promise You That I Will
Never, Ever, Never, Snap Your Neck.
Detective Comics 42

The Last Time I Laughed This Much,
Jim. The Joker Shot Your Daughter
In The Spine. 

Batman 42

No. I'm Not Hallucinating. I'm Just
Thinking A Lot About Robin Banks.
Aquaman 42

Don't Eat That Sandwich, Robin.
He's My Cousin.

Wonder Woman 42

Hold On Girls. I Can Feel A Pussy
Joke Coming, Full Steam Ahead.

Catwoman 42

Yum-Yum! That Pussy Looks Good
Enough To Eat.

Suicide Squad -- Teen Titans Go

...And So Kurt Cobain Committed
Suicide One Month After Justin
Bieber Was Born. Yes. He Knew. 
Justice League 42

OK. Everyone Put Your Hands Up If
You Thought That Last Pussy Joke
Didn't Work!