Spider-Man Comics In both the comics and the movies, Spider-Man has always settled in the city of New York. This is where he did most of his heroics when he first became Spider-Man. It's where he grew up, and this is where he got his amazing powers. It also helps that New York is filled with tall buildings for him to swing his webs from. 

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But did you ever wonder where these places are? If you've seen the first Spider-Man film back in 2002, then you know that he visits a lot of places in New York. While some of these are actual New York locations, most of the other locations used in Spider-Man are from Los Angeles. You might not see mansions like the 5401 Olympic, but some of the exteriors can be seen in downtown Los Angeles. But since we're talking about New York, the locations that we added in this list are from, surprise-surprise, New York. Although some of these places are fictional, you can still find out where the actual filming locations are for the movie. Here are 8 places where you can see Spidey fling his webs.


Rockefeller Roof Gardens
1) Rockefeller Roof Gardens, New York
The gardens found on the rooftop of Rockefeller are a sight to behold. They have a collection of different flowers, shrubs, and lawns that have been maintained over the years. Unfortunately this garden isn't open to the public, and access to the garden is only allowed to the Rockefeller employees. Don't worry though, because we got a glimpse of this beautiful garden in Spider-Man when he drops off Mary Jane after saving her from a Goblin attack.

2) Tudor City, East 40th Street, New York 
Norman Osborn's Manhattan mansion is in the Tudor City Complex, East 40th to East 43rd street, between First and Second Avenues. A lot has happened in this mansion during the Spider-Man trilogy. Spider-Man swings by this mansion from time to time to visit his best friend Harry Osborn. This is also where Norman Osborn kept his Goblin suit and glider, while he was the Goblin, which leads to Harry also discovering his hidden room of Goblin gadgets.

3) Austin Street at Ascan Avenue, New York
This filming location is where a very memorable moment from the first Spider-Man movie happened. After Peter Parker discovers his secret powers, he quickly runs down to Austin Street to test the extent of his abilities. This is also where Spidey first shoots his webs to swing from one building to another.

J. Jonah Jameson
4) Flatiron Building, New York
The exterior of the Daily Bugle, the famous newspaper where Peter Parker works, is actually the Flatiron Building from 175 Fifth Avenue. Although Peter's boss J. Jonah Jameson portrays Spider-Man as a menace of the city, Spidey still swings by to Jameson's office to explain himself. Too bad Mr. Jameson wouldn't listen.

5) City Hall Park, Manhattan, New York City
Now this one is seen in the second Spider-Man film. While battling the villainous Doc Ock during a bank robbery, one of his robotic arms grabs Peter's Aunt May while she was trying to get a loan from the bank. It's a good thing Spider-Man was there to save her. He swings to the City Hall Park in Broadway to keep her safe.

6) The New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue
Another memorable moment from the first film happened in front of the New York Public Library. While uncle Ben drops off Peter Parker at the library, he tells Peter one of the most iconic lines in any movie, warning him that “With great power, comes great responsibility”. This line will be one that Peter Parker will always remember when he becomes the web-slinging Spider-Man.

Spiderman, Venom, Carnage
7) New York Set in Warner Bros. Backlot, Burbank
Studios don't always use real life filming locations. Sometimes, there are moments where everything has to be right. And with many variables to factor when shooting in a city, the filmmakers will often decide to build their own set and film there instead. This New York set in the Warner Brothers Backlot is where the famous upside-down kiss between Mary Jane and Spider-Man happened.

8) Aunt May's House: 69th Road, Forest Hills, New York
A small house was used in Queens as the filming location for Aunt May's house. This is also where Peter grew up under the care of his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. After Uncle Ben's death, the bills had stacked up and she had to move somewhere else during the sequel.

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