Do you take two bottles into the shower? Do you feel that both liquefied frankincense and myrrh can help you feel godly about yourself? I don't. I just take a comic book created by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok. Want to know why? It's because DC Comics are worth it, in August, 2015.

To QUOTE Willy Shakespeare: 'As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport'.

OK. So what do we get when reading this third part of the Darkseid War? Do we get: (A) A great scene where we see Batman sitting in Merton's google chair playing Mister Smug God? Yes. Yes we do. Plus on top of that, we also get: (B) Another great scene where Superman and Lex Luthor piss each other off whilst fighting a hoard of Apokoliptian parademons. Then, just to make matters sweeter still, we next get: (C) Even more great scenes were Darkseids minions mumble under their breaths, hither and fro, like a swarm of Edwardian serial-killers! All this, complimented with amazing artwork provided by Jason Fabok (he is a God!!!), with an additional flim-flam story-line that's basically a set-up for next issues shenanigans.

Yeah. That's right, dear reader. To paraphrase Forest Gump (why not?), part three is what part three does. Sets-up! Teases us with a number of obligatory sections of dialogue! Then tells us to sit tight just as soon as the two main villains get ready to kick each other in the nuts, Ka-Pow!

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to imply that I didn't like reading this book. As a matter a fact I liked it so much I'm actually trying to figure out what'll happen next! I mean, without giving too much away, will Bat-God and Non-Hippy-Hal be able to do whatever it is they need to do (no spoilers here, folks) just in time to zip back and save everyone next month? And if they can do that, how will the rest of the League fair in the meantime? What with Diana's crew stuck in between the devil and the deep blue sea (hypothetically speaking), whilst Superman and Lex stumble onto a solution, which may not be a real solution. What's more, what side will the League take in the battle between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor? (My money is on Darkseid, because his names in the sub-title). Plus who do you think will win out of these two menacing opponents (Anti-Monitor should be odds on favorite).

But wait up. Before I get too carried away asking myself all these questions, I have to ask myself one more. Did I like this issue? Yes or no?

Well, yes, with a 'but'.

As much as I loved Jason's amazing artwork (Amen!), the whole idea that Batman is now a temporary God (check please), and that Lex and Superman have to play nice with each other, or all else fails (Ouch!), at the end of the day, this story is nothing more than a, surprise-surprise, penultimate chapter that titivated me more than informed me. And for that, well, yes, it is a good issue. Far better than I was initially expecting story-wise.

Now what do you normally hear at the start of a boxing match? Yes. I know you hear commentators talking about stats and whatnot. But I'm not talking about that. Musically I mean. What do you musically hear at the start of a boxing match? Something like this perhaps? The theme tune to Rocky 4. Ding-Ding! Darkseid Verses The Anti-Monitor lies ahead. Haaaaiiiiiii!

Love you James Brown.

As previously implied, there were a lot of Gods wanting to wage war against each other in this adventure. Or to be more specific about it, they are, Gods Of War, as in the video game I have to watch my Godson play all the friking time.
I suppose I'm not really giving anything away when I say that at the end of this issue Darkseid finally comes face to face with the Anti-Monitor. So, just for fun -- I think -- let's see if you can guess what they do when they finally meet. Because do you think they...

  1. Compare who has the greyer complexion.
  2. Play a game of golf.
  3. Kiss each other on the elbow.
  4. Blast each other to bits.
  5. Sing the duet, 'Don't go breaking my heart', as sung by Elton John and Kiki Dee.
  6. Shag.
  7. Try to figure out who will win in the up and coming Superman Verses Batman movie.
  8. Star in 50000 shades of Grey.
Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #43 JUSTICE LEAGUE #43 Reviewed by David Andrews on September 08, 2015 Rating: 5
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