STONERS (2:4)Previously on Stoners: Our intrepid band of misfit heroes have managed to throw off the shackles of their enslavement (namely suppressing their powers with large amounts of marijuana) only to then face a fearsome foe -- a giant marauding tween, bent on destruction, carnage, and growing her numbers of instagram followers. One by one each of the Stoners have attempted to bring her down, but, alas, to no avail. Can she be stopped? Does she have any weaknesses at all? Will the hated ‘mainstream’ heroes have to fly in and save the day? What can be done to avert this terrible fate? Could victory come at the cost of the greatest sacrifice of them all? Read on, dear reader, read on, and experience the terrible conclusion of the second story arc of the Stoners.

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Newkadia Comics
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STONERS (2:4) - SPLAT! STONERS (2:4) - SPLAT! Reviewed by David Andrews on September 25, 2015 Rating: 5
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