The Justice League of Looney TunesYeah. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that it's a blooming stupid idea to get together the characters from both the DC and Looney Tunes Universe. But no, it's not a stupid idea, folks. Far from it. In fact it's a downright fun idea, super fun, as fun as a transvestite bunny rabbit chatting up the King of the seven seas. Know what I mean? Wink-Wink! Splish-Splash. Say no more. NOT!

The Tweet Titans

Always remember to buy a bird when
it's going cheep. You may now laugh.

Flash And The Ghouls

Damn, Speed Force! Why can't it be a
bit more selective with it's choices?

Elmer Fudd and Wonder Woman

Kill the ra-bbit. Singing's a ha-bit.
Who wants to coha-bit? Superman don't.

Batman and the Gangster Looney Tunes

I'm not quite sure about this George,
but I think we're in trouble.

Tweety Pie And Catwoman

Oh! I thought I saw a puddy-taa...
errrr... forget about it.

Sexy Bugs Bunny and Aquaman

Hi, fish-face. Is that a dolphin in your
pocket, or are you just pleased to sea me?

Marvin The Martian Green Lantern

And with these rings I'll be lord of dogs!

Daffy Duck and Green Arrow

Ready. Aim. Pose!!!!

Sylvester and Tweety Pie - The Dark Knight

The Dark Cat Returns, and this time
he's despicable. Really despicable.

Suicide Squad and The Dancing Frog

Never has the expression, 'That's all
folks', been more appropriate for a comic.

Superman and Bugs Bunny

Do you know what aliens like to read?
Comet books!
Black Canary And The Looney Tunes Chickens

The only singing this canary will do,
is in the shower, or with...