Red GhostPreviously on Red Ghost: Could he still be alive? Could the fabled Lord Shingen still be alive, despite being killed off by a band of savage warlords out on the prowl? Many years ago he was killed by his own daughter, yet somehow managed to return again and get married to Lady Sadiko. But now though, well, he's dead, isn't he? Chopped to pieces while defending the people of the Det-Sen monastery and the recently-retrieved power of Elec-Trickery. So let's see, shall we? Let's see if he can return by reading the following episode of Red Ghost created by Stefano Cardoselli and Tzvi Lebetkins.

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Red Ghost

Red Ghost

Red Ghost

To Download Red Ghost For iOS
  1. Go to iTunes and download the app on your iPad.
  2. Open up the Electricomics app on your iPad.
  3. Press the Electricomics E in the top left corner.
  4. Select the download option.
  5. Press the plus sign.
  6. Enter http://www.biblicalcomix.com/RedGhost303.elcx
  7. Click the Open button
  8. Enjoy.

Currently there isn't an Electricomic app for Android. But fear not, faithful readers, as we've managed to make a web-based version that’ll play on any web browser. Please click here for our web-based version, or alternatively, click here to load up the first issue in a PDF format. 

Red Ghost Webcomic
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RED GHOST (3:3) - THE DEATH OF HOPE RED GHOST (3:3) - THE DEATH OF HOPE Reviewed by David Andrews on April 22, 2016 Rating: 5

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