Now their are many reason's why Mickey Mouse went off into outer space, and one of the most popular ones was so he could find Pluto. To me, however, I think he went there because he wanted to avoid Marvel's Civil War cross-over event, just like Charles Soule and Matteo Buffagni did in March, 2016.

TO QUOTE Cesar Chavez: 'The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people'.

Most of us movie goers have already seen Batman verses Superman as well as Iron Man verses Captain America. So what we really need next -- coff-spit -- is yet another superhero one-on-one played out on a fairly expansive battlefield.

No. Not really. Although it would be a nice change of pace to see a well composed slap and tickle that made some sort of sense, which unfortunately, Daredevil verses Elektra doesn't.

Now at the start of the book we see ol' horn head perched on top of a roof and waiting for someone to pay him a visit, presumably Blindspot. When suddenly, from the corner of his periphery he notices someone attacking him with a well thrown shrunken (the name given to a Japanese throwing star)! Unfortunately it hits -- THUNK! --- and immediately draws blood. So quickly Daredevil scans the area and spots who his evil attacker really is. It's Elektra: One part super-model, one part killer, and all parts a big fan of the color red, poised, opposite Matt, ready to kick his bloody face in, which she does.

Prudently inter-spliced into their fight together are a number of other sequences which basically sets it up. Turns out, Matt noticed Elektra in the court room a couple of days ago, and even had dinner with her to see what she wanted. Regrettably their discussion wasn't all that forthcoming, although what Matt does notice is that she still doesn't know that Matt and Daredevil are one and the same person, plus, as per usual, she's her more stoic and aloof self.  

Back to the fight scene and on the whole it doesn't look like Matt is fairing any better here either. Giving her the benefit of the doubt he allows her to get in a few quick licks' which causes him quite a bit of harm. Worst still, when Blindspot turns up he also gets a jolly good slapping! So much so he has to rush off and tend to his injuries elsewhere.

Now my only problem with the fight scene (and the comic book in general) isn't the actual fight itself. More or less I thought Matteo Buffagni did a great job filling in for the regular artist, Ron Garney, and gave his work a very Terry Dodson styled edge. I also liked the way in which Matt commented on his past relationship with Elektra  -- naughty-boy Matt -- as well as how his anxiety progressed and grew over time. But the one thing I didn't like -- no, the one thing I hated -- was the way Elektra's reasons for attacking Daredevil was delayed to the very last page! I mean, what gives? Why turn a fairly intriguing story into a long-winded fight scene? Not implying that the fight in itself was bad, per say. It's just that the way in which the book played out it did seem fairly avoidable in hindsight, especially if Elektra got off her chest --  Honk-Honk -- what she wanted to say to Daredevil during their initial meeting.

But apart from that minor hitch, yeah, all in all it was a good story with some great art. So let's see what Matt does next month!

For this month's musical match-up I want to present a song sung by Bananarama called 'I Want You Back'. For further information please ask Elektra, Ha!

No. I'm not going to compare this comic book to the Superman verses Batman movie. I actually liked this comic, and thought it worthy enough to compare to the Quentin Tarantino movie, Kill Bill (either volume), which also has fight scenes that inter-splice with a number of other sequences that set it up.

See? I'm not totally crazy. Blublublu...

At the very end of this issue Elektra tells Daredevil why she's kicking the crap out of him. So, for the sake of sacks, let's see if you can guess her motivations out of the following eight options? Could her attack against Matt be because...

  1. He touched her bum.
  2. He unliked her selfie on facebook.
  3. He slept with her dead mother.
  4. He outbid her on eBay.
  5. He gave her a STD.
  6. He stole her daughter.  
  7. He disrespected the color red.
  8. He slept with her dead father.
Nuff said.

DAREDEVIL #6 DAREDEVIL #6 Reviewed by David Andrews on May 17, 2016 Rating: 5

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