Written by Bobby Joseph, 'Skank: The World's Most Dangerous Comic Book', charters the success and failures of Skank Magazine, one of the top selling independent satirical magazines from the nineteen-nineties! This book also features reprints of some of the best comic strips from the rare, hard-to-get issues of Skank (as well as some new ones!), all collected together for the first time ever, with the proceeds of this book going to the charity, Meningitis Now.

Skank: The World's Most Dangerous Comic Book (Kindle Edition)

Now for those of you not in the know, back in the day Skank Magazine was known as 'The Black Viz of Ol London Town', and was constantly raved about from the streets of Sarrrth London all the way to the streets of Mank-chester, especially with its irreverent humor and bad taste with characters such as Wendy Weave-on, Scotland Yardie, and Rachel Prejudice

Skank Magazine - The Boyz
Skank was also Britain's best-selling 'bad-bwoy’ mag, and sold about 30,000 copies every single issue! Well, that is until a haze of ganja smoke came down on it, big time, quickly followed by some PM Bashing, Queen tinkering, Sir Trevor McDonut jamming, and of course, the now infamous Linford Christie lawsuit, POW! Which basically slapped the teenage boyz-n-da-hoodies behind the mag right off of their definitely-not-stolen mopeds.

Suddenly, they were having to buy their own weed, and -- shock-horror -- smoke it too. Then, when life couldn't seem to get any funnier, the worst thing that could have happened to anyone, actually happened.

Ouch! To be continued in Skank: The World's Most Dangerous Comic Book (Kindle Edition).

Bobby Joseph
Here are a couple of quotes which have been said about Skank in the past:

VICE.COM - ‘Britain’s first satirical black culture comic book’.

THE VOICE NEWSPAPER - ‘When an issue of Skank came out it sold out within minutes, and the crime rates in Brixton, Handsworth, Moss Side, and Liverpool 8, dropped dramatically as the bad bwoys were rolling around in stitches’.

THE OBSERVER NEWSPAPER - ‘[Skank Magazine] is the biggest shock since drugs arrived in Ambridge!’

COMIC BOOK AND MOVIE REVIEWS - 'Leave me alone. I'm trying to sleep'.

Please stay tuned for my interview with Bobby Joseph, the man behind Skank Magazine and it's illustrious story.


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