Suicide Squad Poster I have a sneaking suspicion that the super-villains of the DC Universe are going to dominate the cinema's this summer. And do you want to know why I think such a thing? I tell you why! Come August, the Suicide Squad movie is going to invade theaters, world wide, bringing along with them a ton of merchandising they can cash in on.

From apparel and accessories, ​to ​action figures and​ home goods, the SS -- not to be mistaken for that other group called the SS -- will be skinning your phones, rolling your blinds, and doing ​much ​more to your pockets within the coming months.

Suicide Squad Joker and Team PosterWell, according to Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP for short), recently they've teamed up with a number of merchandisers from all across the globe, with the intent of licencing the Squad to those businesses who can produce the goods. This ranges from a Suicide Squad inspired apparel collection from Hot Topic; fashion tops from Junk Food Clothing; athletic wear by Under Armour; a high-end leather assortment by Matchless London; fan-favorite footwear from Converse; and timepieces from Accutime Watch Corp.

Collectors can also look forward to a number of intricately detailed toys and figures highlighted by a line of Multiverse figures from Mattel; stylized figures from Funko; vehicle replicas from Jada Toys; in addition to “as-seen-on” prop replicas from eFX; and toys and accessories from JLA Direct. Truly devoted fans will also be able to show their allegiance to the Squad with electronic accessories and mobile skins from Skinit Acquisition.

Here, check this out...

Now I know I could go on and tell you more of what's being pimped by the pros. But hey! Wouldn't you rather me talk about the film itself? So far all we know is that it's being written and directed by David Ayer (End of Watch) and will star Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as the Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Viola Davis as the Wall, plus a couple of other actors I can't be bothered to google

Suicide Squad Deadshot Action FigureIf you check out the posters you'll notice that the movies tag-line read's, 'It feels good to be bad', yet after reading that roll call I think it should be something like, 'Oscar Nominated Actors Are Us!!! So come on, let's get them together in the same team so they can blow shit up'.  And trust me, they do blow, shit I mean, not each other, unless, well, they're that way inclined.

The basic premise of the Suicide Squad is that Amanda Waller, a U.S. intelligence officer, gathers together a team of convicted super-villains so they can fight an enigmatic, insuperable entity. What that enigmatic, insuperable entity is, is anyone's guess! Although what I can say for certain is that by looking at the numerous trailers, Suicide Squad seems to be a pretty decent film, which has faithfully adapted a version of the Squad from both the John Ostrander and Adam Glass era's of the team. I also hope that there is an actual story in here as well, and it's not just a collection of action scenes or cheesy pop poses for the camera. Personally, I don't think this will be the case. But then again, who can trust a villain, eh?

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