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Good morning, Internet! It’s great to be back because things are feeling so-so good! It’s a refreshing time to be a DC Comics fan: Rebirth is in full-swing and we’re here to talk about the first two offerings from the new team of Carmine Di Giandomenico, Karl Kerschl, & Joshua Williamson! It’s July, 2016, and it’s The Flash double review!

TO QUOTE Louisa May Alcott: “It takes two flints to make a fire”.

Rebirth takes us back to that fateful night when Barry Allen was first struck by lightning, granting him access to the Speed Force whilst discussing a case with his colleague, August Heart. Cut to the present day, and we see the Scarlet Speedster dashing through Central City doing his usual hero business. However, his recent run in with his former Sidekick has left The Fastest Man Alive dealing with the harsh reality that he can’t be everywhere at once. Especially when his day job means he missed a chance to save someone! 

Giandomenico does a really good job of driving home the emotions of the characters in The Flash. The art has a truly modern feel about it without being stupid like modern art. 

After finishing up at the latest crime scene, Barry, in typical Flash fashion, remembers he’s supposed to meet Wally and Iris.

The writing is also worth pointing out, because Williamson does a good job of bringing out the relationships of characters in ways that don’t feel heavy-handed, and to older fans feels very natural from Wallys’ cool demeanor, the almost trope-level of pity Barry can sometimes bring to himself, and to the classic hard-nosed, soft-spoken reporter that is Iris.

Following a little heart-to-heart, we run into a new criminal group in Central City giving S.T.A.R. Labs some trouble. Problem is, The Flash finds himself sidetracked by a burning building, and of course, how can Barry Allen ignore that? The answer is he can’t. Meanwhile, Detective Heart steps up to the plate. And for his trouble? He gets struck by lightning!


This leads to our second issue, where we see The Flash playing a familiar role: mentor to a new, inexperienced Speedster. August Heart really starts to come into his own as a character here. Seeing him trying to come to grips with his powers, and learning how to use them, kick home his own sense of Justice, which are very relatable and makes me want to know and see more of him moving forward.

From trying to make tornados by running in a circle, to realizing his enhanced metabolism, means he needs a lot more food -- I think this issue was a great look at what a first-time Speedster is like, and for a person that got into The Flash mostly because of the mythology involving the Speed Force, this was a treat. Joshuas’ work with August has made him a compelling character so far.

Meanwhile, Iris is out doing what she does best and that’s looking for the story on the new threat known as The Black Hole: the aforementioned new, criminal group. Unfortunately for her, The Black Hole finds her worthy of an exclusive interview. When Barry and August catch word of what's happening they both race to the scene with Barry informing his friend that he can handle this alone.

The Flash manages to catch up to the ever conspicuous black van holding Iris, and just as it looks like things are about to be wrapped up in a nice neat package, a member of The Black Hole busts out a special gun, stopping The Flash in his tracks with a single blast, Pow!, before dropping some Speed Force related banter.

Thankfully, the newest hero of Central City makes his public debut as August appears with a slick new costume that deserves huge props from artist, Giandomenico. The costume gives off a homemade, steampunk look which I love, complete with goggles!

Before the Dynamic Duo of Central City can properly celebrate though, things get just a little weirder as people all around the city start gaining Super Speed! Looks like The Flash is going to be working overtime to help all these Speedsters learn the ropes. But which ones will be good students and who will join the Dark Side of the Speed Force?

The Flash is getting back to basics, from more work with CCPD to partnering up with fellow speedsters, even teaching them how it’s done! It’s kind of like a triumphant return to the status quo with a fresh coat of paint. Just like the musical choice of The Touch (the 07 version) by Stan Bush!

I'm surprised DC have given us August Hearts’ heroic debut so soon, and I have to say, I’m liking it, liking it a lot. It’s like as a kid, when you saw some awesome new wrestler debut for the first time. But to be more accurate, this was like the big return of a beloved wrestler!

Rebirth seems to be off to a solid start for the Flash. Now some people might not be too hyped to see another Speedster as the main villain, especially since The Riddler and Professor Zoom have already showed their face. That said, however, I think with everything going on it will be fun to see more Speedsters, just as long as they end up with defining personalities. Which brings me to ask the question, what do you think Augusts’ code name should be?

  • Fastforward / Godspeed / Heartrate / Runback / Speed Demon / Straight Shot.
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FLASH #1 & 2 FLASH #1 & 2 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 26, 2016 Rating: 5

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