The Avengers Whenever you're feeling ill, forget about going to the doctors or visiting a hospital. If I was you, I'd travel to Spain and check out my old make Doctor Monekers. No. Not Doctor Monkey, as he lives in Portugal. Monekers, that nice chap who told me what he gets up to whilst not saving lives.

Logo - 120 x 90

1) Where are you based?   Currently, I have my studio in Malaga, in southern Spain.

2) What inspired you to draw?   From a very young age I enjoyed drawing my favorite characters from movies, comics, and video games. Honestly, I have dedicated many an hour to this creative hobby of mine.

3) Who is your favorite artist?   I have a lot of artists I admire, and among them are people such as Medusa Dollmaker, Saqman, BeastPop, Ddjvigo, Fuacka, and Harantula. Now I could continue with this but the list will go on and on. :)

Japan Darth Vader
4) What is your favorite subject to illustrate?   What usually inspires me is to put down on paper my favorite characters from popular culture.

5) If you could get a celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your work, who would it be?   Van Gogh.

6) Besides submitting your work to Design By Humans, what else do you do for a job?   At the moment I dedicate my time to designing shirts and I'm very happy to be able to do this.

7) Out of your designs, which one do you think is the most popular?   I think the most popular design I've seen is the one designed by my good friend, Ddjvigo. I know it's not my own, but "Looking for the Dragon Balls" is such a nice design. 

8) Why do you think this is so?   It's really a great design, and it's simple and straightforward and captures the essence of this character.

9) If you had a personal motto, what would it be?   Never give up!!!

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And so on that note, I'd like to thank the good Doctor for telling us about his work for Design By Humans. For any more information please click on the links provided or visit his facebook and twitter pages. 

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