Harley Quinn and Loki / Joker To become a super-villain you must possess at least one of the following eight attributes. This includes such things as having: (1) Abusive parents. (2) A gaudy looking costume or disfigurement. (3) A sullen demeanor. (4) Some sort of speech impediment. (5) A very big gun. (6) Special abilities that relate to one singular theme. (7) A tattoo. And (8) An evil temperament. More importantly, though, a super-villain also needs to know a bit more about the other super-villains who surround them. Here, check out this infographic created for us by Morph Suits for some more information.

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Now that's a pretty decent infographic, isn't it folks? So much so in fact, that I have to complement it with the following villainous facts.

DC Villains1) Harley By Another Name: Did you know that the first super-villain to go by the name Harley Quinn, or in this case, Harlequin, was an old Green Lantern Alan Scott villain, real name, Molly Mayne. Molly made her first appearance in All-American Comics issue number 89, published 1947, and basically she was Alan Scott's secretary who donned this guise because secretly she had a crush on him. Years later Molly revealed her true self to Alan and they eventually fell in love and got married.

2) Nut's To Loki: According to Norse mythology, Loki is a mischievous god who sometimes plays pranks on those around him. Granted, this doesn't always pan out too well. On one such occasion Loki had his private parts tied to a goat, simply because one of his gag's resulted in the death of a giant, and that giant's next of kin, called Skaldi,  threatened to invade Asgard if he wasn't punished thusly.

3) Ivy By Another Name: Robert Kanigher modeled Poison Ivy after the 1940s pin-up model / movie star, Bettie Page. The ironic thing about this fact, however, is that during the latter years of her life, Bettie suffered from a similar affliction Poison Ivy had, Paranoid schizophrenia, where the 'patient' has delusions that someone is plotting against them.

4) Smile At A Robot: Roy Thomas once admitted that he came up with the idea behind Ultron after watching the 1950s sci-fi television show, Captain Video and His Video Rangers. In this show there is a character called Makino, who's a robotic villain with a malicious looking smile.

Marvel Villains5) Quasi-Joker: Jerry Robinson was inspired to create the Joker after seeing the 1928 American silent film, The Man Who Laughs, which was adapted from the Victor Hugo novel of the same name. The film evolves around a character played by Conrad Veidt, and it's about how he was disfigured as a child and tries to find love despite his hideous appearance. Think of it as an English version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, set in the latter part of the 17th century.

7) Star Pupil: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby first created Captain America and Bucky Barnes for Timely Comics way back in 1941. In his autobiography Joe said that he gave Bucky his name because he remembered one of his old high school friends, Bucky Pierson, as he was the star of the local basketball team.

8) Sniff-Sniff! High: The drug often used by the villain Bane, called Venom, was once used by Batman so he could enhance his own abilities. Eventually he managed to ween himself off of this toxic drug, yet not before locking himself down in the depths of the Batcave for quite a bit of time. Denny O'Neil and Trevor Von Eeden created this five part story for the anthology title, Legend of the Dark Knight, and it played out from issue 16 to issue 20.

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