Drunk Frankenstein Ever since they've been introduced to the industry, movie-monsters have generally been depicted in a fairly similar fashion. They've either been violent: wanting to smash things up, regardless of the consequences; angry: having that need to enact revenge on a person or persons who've done them wrong; or better yet, damn right hungry: well, being violent and angry can work up a pretty hefty appetite. But, if you think about it, my friends, on occasion these monsters have a logical reason for their behavior.

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Case in point, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, I mean, do you honestly think this monster wanted to be re-animated back from the beyond, using the dead tissue of freshly slaughtered cadavers? No. I don't think he did! If anything, I'm sure he'd rather prefer to bet on his favorite team at https://www.casinous.com/, where he could also review the best online casinos. But hey, such is life! Or in Frank's case, death, a never-ending death that took his half-human-life all the way around the world.

Frankenstein meets Dracula
During his travels, however, Frank, as I'd like to call him, discovered something special about the nature of human existence. To him, life, death, and rebirth are three key components we all need to possess to be real, to be whole, and to be complete. Life: because we're all born someday. Death: because we all eventually pass away. And rebirth: because between life and death most of us get reborn through the paradoxical emotion called love

Now think about it for a moment: What is the one thing most movie monsters have in common, apart from the smashing, the violence, and the shying away from society? They're all looking for love, that's what. Each and every one of them are yearning to find that elusive someone special so they can justify their existence, and to them, love is the key that will turn the lock for this Pandora's box of emotion.

Drunk Dracular
To me, a good example of this can be seen in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Essentially, old fang face wants to make out with a lovely young lady who reminds him of his, coff-coff, one true love. Yet for him to do this, he takes it upon himself to drink the blood from a number of hapless victims so he can maintain a semblance of human life -- i.e. rebirth -- and then he has to, you know, do all of that mucky stuff and seduce the woman of his oh-so-lucid dreams. 

See, love is at it again. In its own carefree manner it's jumping on the monster bandwagon so, as per usual, protagonist Z can get their jollies from victim X via Y. Although, that being said, it could be a lot worse I suppose. Some of these monsters could waste their not-so-human lives away by getting drunk during some sort of, shock-horror, dare I say it, movie-related drinking game. Just like the following one created for us by Morph Suits. But before you go ahead and check that out, I'd like you to know that another game you can take a stab at can be found at the lovely Australian online casino. It's a pretty decent site, and has the love of all things scary. So go on, click-click, gulp-gulp, and have some good old-fashioned fun this coming Halloween. But please remember, try and do it with some style.

Love is all you need.

Horror Drinking Game

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