Hello new friends. My name is Devin Peacock and I'm a performer from New York City who LOVES comic books and comic book-inspired projects. I love it so much, I decided to combine that love with my love of performing (since I can't be an actual superhero, this is the closest I'll ever get). To explain my project, try to imagine all the heroes that auditioned for the Justice League or the Avengers but didn't quite make the cut. Actually, they were turned away at the door, and they didn't even make it to the audition room. Unsung Heroes is a project that showcases heroes who don't quite measure up to society's high standards, regardless of how hard they try.

Many of the scenes for this project were filmed years ago, and, for whatever reason, were never used for it's final release. Collectively we made a conscious decision to have this material take place in the past, keeping in mind that we'll shoot a new scene to represent the present day. #SuperheroesWithSwag is the first episode that was filmed to kick off revisiting Unsung Heroes, and this is what you will see in the embedded video below.

On the whole, this day was a particularly difficult day of shooting for everyone involved. You can't really tell from looking at the footage, but it's raining, windy, and very-very cold. So to portray the environment as being “non-seasonal”, the poor cast and I had to continuously take off our coats while filming, inadvertently making it uncomfortable for those on location. We also wanted to release the actors, one by one, as soon as they were done filming their individual sections of the script.

Something else that happened on the day was that the actor who was meant to portray the “Boyfriend” was a no-show, so we had to think fast on our feet. Luckily for us, David, our boom operator, is a natural talent when it comes to acting, and he stepped into the part with a lot of gusto, doing so while fighting with my sister, Deanna, who portrayed the girlfriend. Funnily enough, this was not only her first time filming but also the debut for Kumari (who portrayed the mother), my niece Kadie (Deanna's daughter who portrays the baby), and Oluwakayode (the ninja). In addition to this, we were also pressed for time on this shooting day because we wanted to re-film another scene, “Introducing Annie Gloom”, which is the last episode of the series.

Challenges aside, all in all we had a pretty successful day. The cast and crew did a wonderful job and we were proud of the finished product. Once again, “#SuperheroesWithSwag” begins the preview footage for Unsung Heroes, and will serve as a glimpse into the present. The rest of the scenes are one big flashback to the past.

Overall, the goal of Unsung Heroes is to be turned into a pilot, so all six scenes will be used to introduce the audience to this project and it's characters. Here, please watch the first episode below and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

This article was brought to you by the actor, singer, and all round man about town, Devin Peacock, and remember, if you wish to continue this conversation about Unsung Heroes, please use the hashtag #SuperheroesWithSwag, especially via his twitter, facebook, and instagram pages. 


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