Christmas Gremlins Once again it's that time of year when everyone gets together to exchange gifts, eat plenty of food, drink heavily, and most importantly of them all, be merry by watching some really great films! Sometimes there's nothing better than to sit down, full of Christmas cheer (or should that be beer?), with a great Xmas movie in front of you. But with so many to choose from, and everyone always wanting to watch something different, on occasion it can be a damn right nightmare to pick one to watch! So to help you on your merry way, again, here's a list of some of the most famous and well-rounded Christmas movies of recent years!

Love Actually

On average, this Richard Curtis film tends to have the audience pretty divided. While some people consider it a heart-warming rom-com, others think of it as a collection of sketches loosely stringed together by a plethora of clichéd tropes. Either way, it’s always worth a look as it possesses that brand of comedy which is bound to bring a smile to your face. Chock full of British comedy greats, such as Bill Nighy and Hugh Grant, and I bet you a quid you can't help but laugh at the sight of an ageing, pervy Rockstar, or a bumbling, uptight prime minister.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This movie is the type of movie I will never grow tired of watching. It’s timeless! In fact, it's more than timeless, it's f*cking timeless, as it has inspired a multitude of parodies to follow in its wake. Starring Steve Martin and John Candy, this buddy road movie is about two men trying to travel home for Thanksgiving. But unfortunately for them, along the way they encounter obstacle, BANG, after obstacle, THUNK, after obstacle, SLAP, until finally someone needs to sell some shower curtain rings, pretty damn quickly.

Die Hard

Now I know what you’re thinking. You're thinking, is Die Hard really a Christmas movie? And technically speaking, I'd say yes, yes it is, simply because it’s set at a Christmas party so it must be a Christmas film! John McClane (as played by Bruce Not Wayne Willis) is a vest-wearing tough-guy who has to break into a heavily fortified building so he can save his wife and most of her work colleagues. He has to do this in order to stop the bad guy, Hans Gruber (as played by the immortal Alan Rickman), who wishes to use these hostages as leverage so he can get his comrades released from prison. Spoil sport. Has he never heard of email?


Will Ferrell is a lovely man, isn't he? I mean, just take a look at his lovely-lovely face and tell me that he looks like a deranged serial killer who beats up old ladies! You can't, can you? Will is Will. Elf is Elf. And this film is a film, one which sees Will playing a Elf who travels from the 'North Poll' to the ‘Big Apple’, where there is a world of opportunity, especially at Christmas time, for him to fall madly and passionately in love. Similar to Home Alone and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, this flick is set to stand the test of time, as it's all about Christmas and what makes it so-so special. No. Not drugs!!!!

Home Alone

Arguably one of the most famous Christmas films of all time, Home Alone, namely the first two films, stars Macaulay Culkin, the blonde haired angel who suddenly turned into a millionaire child actor practically overnight. All in all this is a perfectly good afternoon movie, with a simple pretext, a great cast of characters, a lot of slapstick action, plus a wholesome family message that is as timeless as Christmas itself -- money can't buy you love, but it can certainly buy you drugs.


When Joe Dante and Chris Columbus originally came up with the idea behind this bodacious adventure, collectively they devised the story in such a way that it tested the boundaries of both horror and comedy. In an interview he gave years after its release, Joe admitted that Gremlins was initially supposed to be a more conventional horror film, set in a nice American suburban town like you see in other American films, like 'It's A Wonderful Life'. Yet the more he and Chris developed the screenplay together, the more they realized that they could have some fun with this, some real devilish fun, taking the form of an army of angry little buggers who, well, you know the score... Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Now I know there are plenty more movies which could have been added to the list. But for films which are set to be watched almost every single Christmas, time and time again, are these not the ones to pick?

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