Wayne Foundation building Buying a property can be one of the hardest tasks a person can ever accomplish. For one thing, you have to make sure you have enough money behind you, an appropriate amount, of course, as well as a steady flow of income coming in, especially if you wish to even consider taking part in such a venture. You also have to familiarize yourself with the local area, keeping in mind the property's proximity to the nearby schools, hospitals, retail outlets, transportation links, social clubs, plus other such things of that nature. On top of that, we best not forget about the actual property itself! How many bedrooms will you require? What sizes will they need to be? Would you prefer an apartment or a house? Something freshly built or a work in progress? A garden or a veranda? A freehold or a leasehold? Etc-etc-etc.

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Yet having said all that; does any of this actually matter within the bigger picture? I mean, seriously? Does it? Can we be defined by the place where we live, personality-wise, and does this represent what we're like as a person or as a human being? Will people think less of us if we live in an apartment rather than a house? And if they did, does this say more about them or more about us? Us: for selecting them to be our friend; and them: for passing judgment on us for the sake of worth! Or for that matter, what does any of this say about society itself and how we value people in relation to their possessions and status?

Case in point, the popular Edgar Rice Burroughs character, Tarzan: King of the Jungle, mainly hangs out in an actual jungle which is located in the deepest, darkest, part of Africa. But what if he lived somewhere else? Somewhere like Las Vegas for instance! What if he was a pony-tailed croupier who worked for the best online casino? (darmowe spiny bez depozytu za rejestracje) Would that change him into the person we all know and love today? And if it did, could we cope with this change, and should there be any reprisals? And if so, why should there be any reprisals? Why should Tarzan and Jungle be synonymous with each other like bricks and mortar? Is there something about people's origins we have to nurture and define for the sake of posterity?

I know that great men like Winston Churchill think upon similar lines, as according to him, 'we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us'. And personally speaking, I kind of know where he's coming from with this. 

Way back in 1969, another popular fictional character decided to change his home because of circumstance and transformation. In issue 217 of his own self-titled comic book, Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, took it upon himself to set up shop within a luxurious penthouse situated on the top floor of the Wayne Foundation building. He did this because his ward / sidekick, Dick Grayson, AKA Robin the Teen Wonder, just graduated from college and enrolled himself in a course based at Hudson University. So feeling that Wayne Manor and the Batcave would be too big for him and Alfred, Alfred the butler, Bruce moved into this new state of the art multi-purpose HQ.

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Now when this happened, surprise-surprise, some fans hated the idea, some fans embraced it, and more or less, not everyone was on board with this updated state of play. Common consensus has generally defined Batman as being a Gothic character who needs to be located in a place that's equally as Gothic. A luxury penthouse situated on the top floor of a modern building was considered too sleek and too contemporary by design, and fans thought that it wasn't on the same cosmetic level as our fabled Dark Knight. So, as you'd expect, after a while this idea got dropped by the creators, and eventually, Batman went back to his cave again.

Personally, I like to think that this example proves to us that people and their homes can sometimes reflect each other on at least a subliminal level. Not always, of course. Sometimes a house is not a home but rather a place we venture through to get from location A to location Z. Although, that said, we don't always know if we're at location A or at location Z without some benefit of hindsight. Here, check out some of these properties provided for us in infographic form by Castironradiators4u.co.uk. It may surprise you what some people go out and buy.

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