King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Commencing the 19th of May, 2017, cinemas across the UK will be showing the brand new Guy Ritchie film, 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword', which stars Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law. So to commemorate this grand occasion, VisitBritain has decided to team-up with the entertainments company behind this movie, Warner Bros. Pictures, in order to promote their new six-week online digital campaign, ‘Where Stories Become Legends’.

The campaign features an exclusive behind-the-scenes video showing Guy, Charlie, Jude, and Lionel Wigram (the writer), on location and talking about the epic British landscapes they used in the movie. Most of it was filmed at Windsor Great Park and the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley, located in England, where as the rest of it was shot in Snowdonia, Wales, plus the Isle of Skye and the Highlands of Scotland.

Britain can offer a wealth of opportunity for any King Arthur-inspired adventure. You can take in ancient historical sites and see first hand the real-life legend and the dramatic locations showcased in the film. Here, please check out this list of Britain’s top Arthurian-inspired experiences.

  • In Cumbria, lies the rumored site of King Arthur’s Round Table (a Neolithic earthwork henge, dating from about 2000 BC), even though much later it was believed to be King Arthur's jousting arena. Legend has it that Cumbria’s capital, Carlisle, was King Arthur’s Camelot (his headquarters), where Arthur and his adviser Merlin would have made use of the Roman fortifications.
  • If you get to Carlisle, please try to take a trip to Hadrian’s Wall and visit Birdoswald Roman Fort, which experts predict to be the place where Arthur’s final Battle of Camlann was fought. For a true taste of the battlefield, visit between April and September, 2017, and see the brand new wall-wide exhibition of Roman Cavalry.
  • The Forest of Dean and Wye Valley is the joint-location predominantly used for many of the battle scenes featured in 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword'. This includes King Arthur’s cave, which was filmed at the prehistoric cave standing in the shadow of Great Doward.
  • Also featured in the film is the iconic Windsor Great Park. No stranger to a film crew, this park has been used to form the backdrop for many major productions, including: the 'Harry Potter' film series, 'Snow White and the Huntsman', and 'World War Z'.
  • The Quiraing walking track on the Isle of Skye in Scotland is another stunning filming location showcased in the new movie. 
  • In Edinburgh, visitors can walk up Arthur’s Seat and overlook the historic city where King Arthur and his knights may have once stood.
  • When in Wales you will find two lakes, Llyn Llydaw and Llyn Ogwen, both of which claim to be the watery resting place of Arthur’s famous sword: ‘Excalibur’ in English and ‘Caledfwlch’ in Welsh. These two lakes are situated in the Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, and while Llydaw is inaccessible by foot, Llyn Ogwen is popular with walkers.
  • Head to the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, and pay homage to the warrior at Bedd Arthur, a set of standing stones said to mark Arthur’s final resting place.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Last year, tourism in the UK hit a record-breaking high, with a notable 37.3 million visitors spending £22.2 billion. That's up by 3.4% on the people who visited in 2015, despite matching that years record spend. VisitBritain’s forecast for the year ahead shows that this growth is set to continue with 38.8 million visitors, whereas spending by overseas visitors is predicted to reach £23.9 billion. Overall tourism is worth £127 billion to the UK economy, and I'm sure that'll come in handy since they'll be leaving the EU.

In an interview she gave to the press, VisitBritain Marketing Director, Clare Mullin, told a journalist: 'Our collaboration with Warner Bros. Pictures on 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword', is a fantastic opportunity to showcase to a global audience the legendary experiences only available in Britain. On the Isle of Skye you can watch the sunset fall from the Old Man of Storr, whilst in Snowdonia, you can follow King Arthur’s footsteps and retrace his story towards Tintagel Castle, Cornwall. Either way, Britain’s epic scenery, ancient history, and magical landscapes have the power to transform your holiday experience into the stuff of legends'.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Now I'm sure you will agree with me when I say that film and TV are two powerful forms of media which can motivate people to travel to the UK. So come on, mount your steed and strap on your armor, before checking out all of the great places you can visit via the VisitBritain website. While there, please don't forget to play the 'Legend Generator' game and unlock your own British ‘kingdom’ to rule. Or alternatively, you can check out a ton of information relating to the British locations seen in the film, and even plan a King Arthur-inspired holiday when you get here.

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