Previously on Biblical: I'm afraid to say that the prophet Jonah has a mighty big problem to deal with. He has to go north, to the city of Ninveh, and tell the people living there to repent from their evil ways. But the thing is, if he does that and he's successful with it, then far off in the future Ninveh will also destroy his fellow Israelis! So, unable to obey this prophecy and unable to refuse it, Jonah does the only thing he thinks he can... and attempts to take his own life. Yet fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, Jonah's suicide attempt ultimately fails. Fails, all the way to the nearest ship, where he climes on board and sails north, far away from where his desperation lays. Want to know what happens next? Then please check out the third part of this bible themed tale created by Tzvi Lebetkin, 'Biblical: The Holy and the Dead', now rocking and rolling on Kickstarter.

Forbidden planet

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