Spider-Man And Captain America In no uncertain terms it's pretty damn difficult being a superhero in today's topsy-turvy climate. For a start, on a semi-regular basis you have to contend with a barrage of super villains who want to smash your face in. Then to make matters even worse you also have to deal with that poxy secret identity dilemma. Plus, to add insult to injury, let's not forget about the price of a decent costume, the cost of maintaining your equipment / superpowers, and of course, there's a heap load of medical bills piling up by the battle. I mean, for crying out loud! You need to be a billionaire in order to be a superhero today! But then again, maybe that's why Bruce Wayne is?

So, out of curiosity, what lengths would you go through to recoup the cash needed? Would you take a punt on those amazing Fantasy Adventure Slots and hope to win it big? Would you take up another profession and prey that you can juggle both careers at the same time? Or better yet, would you check out the following two infographics so you can figure out how much you might need?

Spider-Man And Captain AmericaWell, my mates over at think along very similar lines when it comes down to these fiscal remunerations. So much so, in fact, that they've even produced two infographics showcasing the cost of being a superhero! One of them is focused on Spider-Man where as the other is focused on Captain America, and together, they each give you a basic breakdown on the cost of their respective roles.

Some of the trivia highlighted within these two images relates to Project Rebirth (which was the government scheme that gave Steve Rogers his powers); How much it costs to rent an apartment in New York City (after all, Peter Parker needs some down time when he's not fighting crime); The salary given to a government agent (I'm sure it would be a lot easier being a school teacher?); As well as how much it costs to maintain and develop any of the weapons these two heroes use (Bang! Ka-pow! Thunk! Ka-Ching!).

Other factors thrown into the mix includes the price of costumes, travel, plus the daily expenditure a costumed crusader would need during these times of iPhones and iBattles. So, without any further ado, please check out the following two infographics and tell me what you think. Go on, read-read, type-type, and then make sure you save your pennies just like our superheroes save us. And while you're at it, try to pay twizzle a visit and check out their marvelous range of party related paraphernalia and services.


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