Wonder Woman According to research carried out by Carphone Warehouse, one of the UK’s leading mobile phone retailers, Wonder Woman is the most searched for superhero on the internet. Which is no surprise, really, considering the amount of hype generated over the release of her feature length film. We best not forget that she's also a pretty good looking lady, and good looking ladies tend to be searched for by those hedonistic males.

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Surprisingly enough, the data analysed also revealed that people generally search for Marvel characters as opposed to those published by DC Comics. Marvel received just over 9.3 million searches compared to DC with 9.1 million, keeping in mind that these searches were being carried out via the Google search engine between the months of July, 2016, and June, 2017.

In an interview he gave to the press, a spokesperson from Carphone Warehouse said: “It’s fantastic to see Wonder Woman dominating the top 10 since the release of her film. Clearly this has sparked some public interest in the hero, and we’re looking forward to seeing her progression in the future”.

Wonder Woman Film
I personally feel that Wonder Woman is a marvelous superhero and I have loved seeing her character evolve over time. I mean, did you know that during her first appearance in All Star Comics #8, published December, 1941, she was depicted as being a secretary for the Justice Society of America? And look at her now, all these years later, finally getting the respect she rightfully deserves, while hitting the top spot in the following list relating to superhero searches carried out on Google over the last 12 months! Nice one, Diana. May your reign continue with all the grace and majesty you have as a hero.
  1. Wonder Woman (3.8 million searches) – DC Comics
  2. Spider-man (2.8 million searches) – Marvel 
  3. Deadpool (2.4 million searches) – Marvel 
  4. Batman (2.3 million searches) – DC Comics
  5. The Flash (2.1 million searches) – DC Comics 
  6. Captain America (1.2 million searches) – Marvel
  7. Iron Man (1.1 million searches) – Marvel
  8. Thor (990,000 searches) – Marvel
  9. Superman (960,000 searches) – DC Comics 
  10. Wolverine (900,000 searches) – Marvel
Here's a Quick Look at Wonder Woman Over the Years

Wonder Woman by Liam Sharp
Art By Liam Sharp
Wonder Woman by Cliff Chiang
Art By Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman by George Perez
Art By George Perez
Wonder Woman by Mike Sekowsky
Art By Mike Sekowsky

Wonder Woman by David Finch
Art By David Finch
Wonder Woman by Mike Novick
Art By Mike Novick

Wonder Woman by Nicola Scott
Art By Nicola Scott
Wonder Woman
Art By Mike Deodato

Art By Harry G. Peter
Art By John Byrne

Wonder Woman by Luciano Vecchio
Art By Luciano Vecchio
Wonder Woman by Phil Jimenez
Art By Phil Jimenez

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