Shepherd and his Sheep My God! What the hell just happened to the last year? One minute we were all ushering it in, hoping for a prosperous and well-intentioned shiny new future, and the next, Bbbbpppttt!, one squeak of a bum cheek and it briskly flew right past us! But how did that happen? What set of circumstances allowed the very fabric of time to be as allusive and as fleeting as a tick of a tock? Common consensus would state something like, 'People are generally more busy now, so busy in fact, that time has no meaning for them', even though they spend a lot of it watching the clock.

As a matter of fact, nigh on everyone I know shares exactly the same opinion, regardless of age, gender, status, or creed. So what does that tell us? What does that actually mean when it comes down to defining the human race? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. But the one thing I can say for certain, especially where 2017 is concerned, is that...

roger moore

People die.
harvey weinstein

People lie.

charlie brown

People sigh.
clinton and trump

... And people talk crap on twitter.

Klu Klux Kones

More importantly, however, people
appear to be less tolerant to those
around them, indignant even, to the
point of being rude, crass, pios, and
damn right bigoted!
Cry Babies

Now don't get me wrong. Some folk are 
also very-very sensitive, very sensitive
indeed, and in some cases, enjoy playing
the victim even though they have no
right to.

mountain top

It's as though they want to blame 
the atrocities of the past in order 
to justify their shallow future
blame them so they can take some
sort of moral high ground.
gay hitler

Worst still, most of these people, sensitive
or otherwise, are easily manipulated and
don't thoroughly research the period of 
history they constantly refer to, thus
perverting it and disrespecting it in turn. 

zulu war

Every single country, no matter how
big or small, in either land mass or
population, has previously committed 
a number of heinous act's towards
their own people or someone elses.
angry baby

This includes race, religion, gender,
sexual identity, social status, age,
class, and style, to name but a few, 
coming under attack by those
people in power or society at large.

judge judy

But to judge these people we have to
get to know them and understand
where they ultimately went wrong, or at 
the very least, started to go astray.

new world

That way we can make ourselves, plus
the world around us, a better place to
live. After all, isn't that what we all want? 
A better place? Rather than...

...somewhere where organisations or trendy topics of note dictate how we should live and what we are supposed to think! I have my own mind, damn it, and I'm hoping that many of you do as well. So we have to use it, use it as often as possible, without allowing technology or the mass media to Shepherd us around like a flock of sheep. The day we start acting less like products and more like human beings will be the day we all start to sleep easier in our beds. Happy New Year, and have a good one. Peace out!

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