Amazing Fantasy #15 Do you know what would be a good investment for 2018? No, I'm not talking about Bitcoin! I'm talking about comic books! Those wonderful bundles of four color joy we hold on to, read, look after, talk about, and try to sell on when the time is just right.  Want to know more? Then please check out the following top picks from Ashley Cotter-Cairns of Sell My Comic Books fame.

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1) Amazing Fantasy #15
Amazing Fantasy #15 is the Bitcoin of comic books, and I say this because nobody knows where the ceiling is for this classic Silver Age issue. Well, let's face it, the first appearance of Spider-Man is always going to be in demand! So please don’t be tempted by the rags in CGC 0.5 holders: prices for the ultra-low grade copies are flat year-on-year. For now, anyway.

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $500 to $1,000 per grade.

Incredible Hulk #1812) Incredible Hulk #181

Nigh on every Marvel fan wants the first appearance of Wolverine in their collection. So much so, in fact, that its grade price has steadily risen in value and shows no sign of slowing down. Higher grades are more expensive, but appreciate better, plus to some extent its so hot that sometimes it's difficult to predict its value. 

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $100 to $300 per grade.

Batman #1213) Batman #121

The first appearance of Mister Zero, also known as Mister Freeze, has long been under-valued and very tough to find in nice shape due to its all-white cover. Despite being butchered by Arnie in the pretty terrible 1997 movie, Batman and Robin, this book has taken off in the past year and is one of my favorite investment picks for 2018.

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $75 to $150 per grade.

Tales to Astonish #444) Tales to Astonish #44

Now the first appearance of a ditsy Tinkerbell-styled character may not sound like much to write home about, but the Wasp went on to become a leader of the Avengers, and will soon be appearing in the sequel to the smash hit Ant-Man movie, entitled, Ant-Man and the Wasp, which will be arriving in cinemas in 2018. Just like the previous comic book, for many years this one is another under-valued issue.

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $50 to $150 per grade.

Marvel Graphic Novel #45) Marvel Graphic Novel #4

The New Mutants are finally going to star in their own movie, and while New Mutants #87 (1st Cable, see below) and New Mutants #98 (1st Deadpool) are currently getting all of the attention, it’s time for this team to return to their roots. Published in 1982, Marvel Graphic Novel #4 is a large format book with a black cover, and surprisingly enough, not hard to find in 9.8 shape.

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $50 to $100 in CGC 9.8.

Amazing Spider-Man #206) Amazing Spider-Man #20

At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, during the post-credit sequence, we saw the Vulture talking to the Scorpion while in prison. So, it won't come as a big surprise to see the latter of these two villains appearing in the next web-slinger movie! After all, prices for this early issue have jumped in response because of it!

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $50 to $100 per grade.

New Mutants #877) New Mutants #87

Even though it's a fairly hot comic book, Cable’s first appearance is already showing signs of cooling off, despite predicting it to close the gap on New Mutants #98 by this time last year. So that’s an opportunity, my friends, an opportunity because CGC 9.8s are already trending upwards, and a $550 sale in December, 2017, shows the potential for this book to be worth $1,000 by the time the Deadpool sequel comes out later this year. So come on, sell it before the movie has left the theaters.

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $150 to $250 in CGC 9.8.

Showcase #308) Showcase #30

Considered to be the first Silver Age appearance of Aquaman and his youthful sidekick, Aqualad, this comic book sure hits the double-whammy when it comes down to highlighting nautical themed heroes. Aquaman has his own movie coming out in 2018, and has already become a member of the Justice League, so the boat has left the harbor on this book quite a while ago. Even so, you still might be able to sneak a profit before the movie comes and goes like the flow of the tide.

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $50 to $100 per grade.

Batman #1819) Batman #181

Poison Ivy's first appearance has finally broken out of a long-term price holding pattern, especially in grades higher and above 8.0, where it's pretty scarce, and has almost doubled in value in the past two years. Please note, though, the cherry red cover normally shows signs of wear or creases, and in lower grade the poster in the center is almost always missing.

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $50 to $150 per grade.

Detective Comics #35910) Detective Comics #359

It’s appropriate to follow Batman #181 with Detective Comics #359, saying so because these two books were published around the same time, 1966-67, and are about as significant. This one features the first appearance of the Barbra Gordon Batgirl, which also has a tricky color cover to find in a high grade, as dark purple is almost as tough as deep cherry red. The principle difference between the two is that there's no poster in the middle of this issue, so you're more than likely to find the lower grade ones complete.

EXPECTED INCREASE IN 2018: $50 to $100 per grade.

This article was brought to you by Ashley Cotter-Cairns, owner of sellmycomicbooks.com, and an adviser to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. He writes a free newsletter every ten days or so, and produces YouTube videos with tips on books to buy for return on investment. When you have the time please check out his website or drop him a line via his facebook page. 

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