When Harry Met SallyNow, if truth be told, I'm not a big fan of rom-coms, saying so because they can sometimes be repetitive, trite, formulaic, and neither romantic nor funny. Come to think of it, I'd rather play a game at my local online casino, using the Multi Lotto Bonus Code 2018, than actually sitting down and watching one! Although, to be fair, going to a casino is kind of like watching this genre of movie, but only a little bit better. If it's good, it's really good, and if it's bad, it's really bad, keeping in mind that both past-times seemingly share a similar reality -- one steeped in financial reclassification.

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After all, no matter who you are, everyone needs to earn money! Just ask my mates at Elite Singles, as they've recently compiled a list of jobs commonly featured in rom-coms. At their own discretion, they have carefully selected 50 of the most globally recognized rom-coms and taken note of the careers of their lead characters, both male and female. Along with this, they've also recorded data associated with each production, such as the year it was released, how much it made at the box office (measured in millions), and it's Rotten Tomatoes score.  Here, check this out to see what I mean.

Movie Title Year Male Job Female Job Box Office Score
His Girl Friday

1940 Editor Reporter N/A 98%
Breakfast at Tiffanys

1961 Writer Socialite 14 88%
Annie Hall

1977 Comedian Photographer 38.3 97%

1987 Baker Bookkeeper 80.6 93%
Coming to America

1988 Prince Retail Worker 288.7 68%
Working Girl

1988 Stockbroker Secretary 102 85%
When Harry Met Sally

1989 Sports Writer Journalist 92.8 89%
Pretty Woman

1990 Businessman Sex Worker 463.4 61%
Sleepless in Seattle

1993 Architect Reporter 277.8 70%
Groundhog Day

1993 Weatherman Producer 70.9 96%
Four Weddings and a Funeral

1994 Unknown Unknown 245.7 95%
One Fine Day

1996 Reporter Architect 97.5 47%
As Good as It Gets

1997 Novelist Waitress 314.1 84%
My Best Friend's Wedding

1997 Unknown Restaurant Critic 299.3 73%
There's Something About Mary

1998 Insurance Salesman Orthopedic Surgeon 369.9 83%
Shakespeare in Love

1998 Playwright Actress 289.3 92%
You've Got Mail

1998 Book Chain Store Owner Book Store Owner 250.8 69%
The Wedding Singer

1998 Wedding Singer Waitress 123.3 71%
Notting Hill

1999 Book Store Owner Actress 364 83%
Runaway Bride

1999 Columnist Retail Worker 309.4 45%
Never Been Kissed

1999 Teacher Journalist 84.5 57%
What Women Want

2000 Advertising Exec Advertising Director 374.1 54%
Coyote Ugly

2000 Bartender Songwriter 113.9 22%
Bridget Jones's Diary

2001 Barrister Publicist 281.9 80%

2001 Retail Worker Waitress 174.2 89%
Shallow Hal

2001 Businessman Philanthropist 141.1 51%
America's Sweethearts

2001 Actor PA 138.2 32%
The Wedding Planner

2001 Pediatrician Wedding Planner 94.7 16%

2001 Producer Counselor 77.5 59%
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2002 Teacher Travel Agent 368.7 76%
Two Weeks Notice 2002 Real Estate Developer Lawyer 200 42%
Sweet Home Alabama

2002 Glassworker Fashion Designer 180.6 38%
Maid in Manhattan

2002 Politician Maid 154.9 39%
Something's Gotta Give

2003 Music Producer Playwright 266 71%
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

2003 Advertising Exec Journalist 177.4 42%
50 First Dates

2004 Veterinarian Waitress 196.3 44%
13 Going on 30

2004 Photographer Journalist 96.5 65%

2005 Dating Coach Gossip Columnist 368.1 68%
Just Like Heaven

2005 Landscape Architect Doctor 102.8 56%
The Wedding Date

2005 Sex Worker Unknown 47.2 11%
Failure to Launch

2006 Unemployed Counselor 128.4 24%
Knocked Up

2007 Unemployed TV Presenter 219.1 89%
Music and Lyrics

2007 Pop Star PA 145.9 62%
Sex and the City

2008 Financier Columnist 415.2 49%
27 Dresses

2008 Reporter PA 160.3 41%
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

2008 Composer Receptionist 105.2 85%
The Proposal

2009 PA Editor in Chief (Pub) 317.4 44%
It's Complicated

2009 Architect Baker 219.1 57%
500 Days of Summer

2009 Architect PA 60.7 85%
Bridesmaids 2011 Police Officer Baker 288.4 90%

So what can we glean from looking at this list? Well, for one thing, journalism seems to be a pretty romantic profession because journalists (or writers in general) have nabbed the top spot for both the male and female categories, all thanks to films such as His Girl Friday (1940), When Harry Met Sally (1989), One Fine Day (1996), Hitch (2005), and Sex and the City (2008), among others. Then, coming in at a close second, was the role of an Architect for a man (Sleepless in Seattle) and a PA for a woman (Music & Lyrics). Which, to be fair, isn't very surprising, because most Architects make a lot of money and are pretty smart, whereas PAs tend to be more subservient yet are equally as proficient. 

Funny Romance
Yes, I do know this all sounds rather sexist, and yes, this doesn't sit well with me either. But, that said, please remember that most of these films were made by people living in the Hollywood bubble that presume -- I repeat, presume -- these are the types of careers we aspire to achieve.

Do we though? Do we really want to be a Journalist or an Architect or a PA? Not that I have anything against this, mind you, because each of them are pretty good jobs. Yet, for the sake of argument, let's say we did want one of these roles, do we really need Hollywood to point us in the right direction? Personally, I don't think so, not at all, as we can all make our own minds up and aim to achieve things we see in the real world, rather than a fictionalized story, no matter how glamorous it may seem on the screen. I mean, would you be inspired to become a monster after watching a horror movie? Or better yet, would you want to venture into outer space because of a sci-fi flick?

No. I wouldn't think so. Not generally, anyway, although I do acknowledge that sometimes they can lead us into directions we wouldn't normally take. Besides, most movies, regardless of genre, are generally oversimplified and over-dramatized versions of a fictitious reality. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a rom-com featuring a scruffy mechanic and a prim-and-proper pharmacist? Or for that matter, a modern romance starring two people over the age of 75?  Not often, I'm sure, and goes to show that film is film and life is life, and never the twain shall they meet, face to face, or screen to screen.


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