John LennonThroughout his career, the late, great, John Lennon, was featured in many different forms of media. This included radio, television, the silver screen, the tabloid newspapers, as well as a number of very popular musical masterpieces. But now, thanks to TidalWave Comics, the life and times of John Lennon will also be featured in the four-color funnies. Want to know more? Then please check out the following six-page preview created by Marc Shapiro and Luciano Kars. Please enjoy.

John Lennon - 1

John Lennon - 2

John Lennon - 3

John Lennon - 4

John Lennon - 5

John Lennon - 6

To see what happens next please come back next week for part two, or alternatively, check out TidalWave Comics on their Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Better yet, why not pick up a copy of 'Orbit: John Lennon' on Comixology.

JOHN LENNON (PART ONE) - A SIX PAGE PREVIEW JOHN LENNON (PART ONE) - A SIX PAGE PREVIEW Reviewed by David Andrews on December 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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