Charles Manson ArtDid you know that a lock of Charles Manson's hair costs approximately $800? Or for that matter, a Christmas card signed by Ted Bundy ranges from $3,000 to $5,000? If not, don't worry, because neither did I! Not until I checked out the following top ten list compiled by onbuy.com, which features the most costly ‘murderabilia’, as it is now called, bought by collectors and fans alike.

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Jack Ruby's Colt Cobra Revolver
1) Jack Ruby's Colt Cobra Revolver

Claim to Fame: In 1963, Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald with his Colt revolver in retaliation to Lee assassinating the then president of The United States.
Item Sold: When Jack originally bought his revolver it cost him $62.50. But in March, 2008, the said same weapon was sold at an auction for $2 million.

Clyde Barrow's Colt 45 gun
2) Clyde Barrow's Colt 45 Gun

Claim to Fame: During the 1930s, Bonnie and Clyde managed to kidnap, murder, and rob their way across America until they were famously gunned down amidst an ambush in Louisiana.
Item Sold: After he died, a 1911 Army Colt 45 pistol was removed from Barrow's body and eventually auctioned for $240,000.

Lee Harvey Oswald's Gold Wedding Band
3) Lee Harvey Oswald's Gold Wedding Band

Claim to Fame: As I alluded to before, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, on the 22nd of November, 1963.
Item Sold: In 2013, Lee's wedding ring was sold at an auction in Texas for $118,000.

John Dillinger's Pistol
4) John Dillinger's Pistol

Claim to Fame: John Dillinger was America’s first "Public Enemy: Number One", until he was eventually shot and killed on the 22nd of July, 1934, by the FBI in Chicago
Item Sold: One of John’s pistols was sold at auction for $95,600.

Al Capone’s Diamond Pocket Watch
5) Al Capone’s Diamond Pocket Watch

Claim to Fame: Al Capone is arguably the most famous American gangster and was once known as the top prohibition-era crime boss.
Item Sold: At an auction in 2017, a diamond pocket watch belonging to Capone was sold for $84,000.

A Signed Letter from John Wilkes Booth
6) A Signed Letter from John Wilkes Booth

Claim to Fame: Similar to Lee Harvey OswaldJohn Wilkes Booth also assassinated an American President. Although, in his case, it was the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, who he fatally shot on the 14th of April, 1865, while Lincoln was watching a performance held at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C. 
Item Sold: In 2004, a letter signed by Booth was sold at auction for $65,000

Albert Fish's Autograph
7) Albert Fish's Autograph

Claim to Fame: In 1934, Albert Fish, otherwise known as the 'Boogey Man' or the 'Brooklyn Vampire', was convicted for the murder of three children, although it could be a lot, lot more. 
Item Sold: In 2010, Fish's autograph was bought online for $30,000

The Unabomber's Hoodie and Sunglasses
8) The Unabomber's Hoodie and Sunglasses

Claim to Fame: Ted Kaczynski was an American domestic terrorist who was convicted of killing three people and injuring many more by posting a series of letter bombs. 
Item Sold: Kaczynski's hoodie and sunglasses were sold online for over $20,000

Artwork by John Wayne Gacy
9) Artwork by John Wayne Gacy

Claim to Fame: John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer that was responsible for the deaths of at least 33 people. 
Item Sold: Gacy spent 14 years on death row prior to his execution in 1994, and during that time, he was allowed to paint many, many pictures, some of which are now fetching up to $20,000

Jeffrey Dahmer's Signed Paycheck
10) Jeffrey Dahmer's Signed Paycheck 

Claim to Fame: Jeffrey Dahmer murdered and dismembered 17 boys before he was arrested on the 22nd of July, 1991.
Item Sold: One of his signed paychecks, dated the 26th of April, 1991, from the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory, is currently listed at $15,000 on a murderabilia website.

Now for any more information, please feel free to check out onbuy.com via their official Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. 


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