The Mycelium Complex - CoverDid you know that time is biological and can grow like fungus, festering deep beneath the soil? If not, don’t worry, because neither did I! Not until I checked out the following comic book written and drawn by Daniel Reed, who's an Australian creator from Melbourne. In many ways, Daniel’s comic is about a bad-tempered thug who uses his traumatic upbringing as an excuse for his uncontrollable rage. But more importantly, it’s also about family values, religious responsibility, self-control, and a team of scientists who travel through time via a mysterious entity called ‘The Mycelium Complex’. Want to know more? Then please have a look at the ensuing preview I was kindly allowed to share. Enjoy.

The Mycelium Complex - 1

The Mycelium Complex - 2

The Mycelium Complex - 3

The Mycelium Complex - 4

The Mycelium Complex - 5

The Mycelium Complex - 6

The Mycelium Complex - 7

The Mycelium Complex - 8

To see what happens next, please feel free to click on to Daniel’s official Website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Or better yet, why not check out 'The Mycelium Complex' campaign currently kicking ass on Kickstarter.

THE MYCELIUM COMPLEX (PREVIEW) THE MYCELIUM COMPLEX (PREVIEW) Reviewed by David Andrews on October 19, 2020 Rating: 5

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