Sugarnuts Studio In March, 2024, I posted an article about a new comic book I created and have since published (click here to check that out). My comic is called, 'Laughter, Love, and Legacy: Three Stories About Life', and it's an anthology consisting of three self-contained stories, each illustrated by a different artist. One of the artists lives in Brazil and is called Rod Rodollfo (click here to see a sample of his work). Another is from Indonesia and named Sahrul Gunawan (ditto). And as for the third? Well, in this case, it's not just one artist, but rather, a team of artists from Malang, Indonesia, collectively known as Sugarnuts Studio. This year, they helped me create the third story for my comic book, and if you so wish, you can see some of their other work right here ๐Ÿ‘‡.

Concept Design

Concept Art: A selection of images from a children's book that required concept art for the characters starring in it.


Branding: CV Brewok Group is a company operating in business management, especially coffee shops, which received a visual overhaul of their corporate identity.

Game Design

Game Design: 'Endangered' is the name of a fun board game developed in 2019 that consists of four playable characters.

Logo Design

Logo Design: Packaging design, including a unified logo, for a range of fried onion chili products produced by MakLin.

Comic Book Art

Comic Book Art: 'Green Ranger' is an educational comic book about global warming written by Anip Dwi Saputro.

Cover Design

Cover Design: Bespoke cover designs for three published novels.

To find out more about Sugarnuts Studio, please feel free to check out their official Facebook, Instagram, and Behance pages. Or if you're thinking about hiring them for a specific project, you can click here to contact them via Fiverr.

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