HULK #28

  • MARVEL: $3.99 – January 2011

After last issues underwater adventure with Namor, General (Red Hulk) Ross is thrust into a mission to track down and aid his fellow Hulkster, Rick (ABomb) Jones. Whilst he is doing this, over in Gamma base, Bruce Banner attempts to obtain from both the de-powered and de-ranged Leader and MODOK, some more information to counterattack their Scorched Earth plan – a plan that ABomb is currently perusing. Or is he? As when Red Hulk finally tracks him down on Monster Island, ABomb is seemingly possessed by rock-faced lesions attached to his frame. Thankfully, Red Hulk manages to remove these controlling creatures from him, and in so doing, also overheats and de-powers in the process. Still, with a little help from Bruce Banner, who has been able to gather some knowledge from MODOK, advises them both how to proceed with ABomb’s initial mission. But alas, before they can proceed with this in any detail, ABomb is swarmed by more parasites and monsters. In the back-up feature – Uatu, the watcher, is missing – and the Red Hulk is a paradox.  

Now this is a little bit better. This issue, unlike some of the others, has managed to tell a singular strand of a story which didn’t start half way through the previous issue. Maybe the writer, Jeff Parker, took note of my previous post?  Or then again, maybe he could sense that his structure needed to be revamped for his story to make better sense. Still, what-ever-the-case-may-be, this time round Jeff’s story feels somewhat more crystal than his previous works. And considering that I now have the flu; and a headache as well, that’s really saying something. Most probably it’s because of the state of my ill-health which has made me appreciate this issue more so. Thoe it’s more than likely that Jeff’s writing is getting better, as his tale has managed to add some depth to the characterisation he’s using, rather than tell a plain and simple story. I have to say that I did like the dynamic between ABomb and Red Hulk, as it has a sort of ‘buddy movie’ feel to the whole thing. Another thing which I like is how Bruce is starting to appear more in this, his, title. Even thoe the way he is utilised is as a more ‘behind the scenes character’ than the predominant Red Hulk. Please continue this motion Parker and Hardman, as with a little more character, and quite a bit more Bruce, this title could rival its companion piece, the Incredible Hulk.