Passions and emotions fill the atmosphere on a daily basis. Be it during an argument, a work related matter, or even something as simple as sitting down upon a chair - emotions spur us on to do things, even if we do not know why we are doing them. Personally speaking, I try not to think to much - as it hurts my brain - that is why I write stuff down to get them out of my head. Want to see some? Then read on...

Novelty Roaches

Rocket Ass
There once was a man from Winsocket,
who rode down the street on a rocket.
The force of the blast, blew his balls up his ass,
and his pecker was found in his pocket.

I Got the Horn
There was a young man from Cape Horn,
who wished he had never been born.
He wouldn’t have been,
if his father had seen, 
that the end of his condom was torn!

Studying For Nothing
I've been studying all night and I'm tiered,
but I can't sleep because I'm so wired.
So I'll play on the net,
'Stead of going to bed,
and my tests will seem like a quagmire.

POETRY THAT HAS ASS – HORN – AND NOTHING IN IT POETRY THAT HAS ASS – HORN – AND NOTHING IN IT Reviewed by David Andrews on June 08, 2011 Rating: 5
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