The Simpsons Movie Cover Family’s, huh? You can’t live with them, and you can’t chop them up into little pieces, put them in a blender, add whiskey and tobacco sauce, before drinking this concoction from a horse shoe. What? You can’t? I read it in a book somewhere! As well as it being told to me by Director: David Silverman; and Voice Actors: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavaner, and Harry Shearer. They told this to me for 87 minutes in 2007.

The Simpsons Movie

The smell of impending doom is hanging in the air over the small little town called, Spingfield. The rock band ‘Green Day’ die of pollution whilst performing a live concert on stage. Grandpa Simpson has stark visions of danger whilst dozing in the church. Plus Lisa Simpson, and her new 'friend', Colin, says so too.

OK, so what do the towns folk of Spingfield do about it then? Nothing. Not until Bart’s wayward Father, Homer Simpson, adopts a pig, names him ‘Plopper’, stores his sh*t in a silo, and then dumps this silo into the lake, D’OH!

Well, I am afraid to day that Homers sh*t silo suddenly mutates all of the animals in the lake which it has fallen into. Inadvertently triggering off a chain of events that prompts the head of the EPA, Russ Cargill, to coheres President Schwarzenegger, to seal off Springfriend from the rest of the world, by encasing it in a giant glass dome. Worst still, because the people of Spingfield are none too happy about this strange turn of events, they kick the Simpson’s out of Springfield – and in turn – go crackers in the process.

Still, as luck would have it, the Simpson’s eventually find a way to get out of town, and start a new life for themselves in idyllic, Alaska. However, when they see an advertisement on television by Tom Hanks, promoting 'A New Grand Canyon' where the town of Spirngfield is supposed to be, they're all goaded to run back home to save the day.

OK, I have to admit, not all of the Simpsons. Marge and the kids head on out to help their friends. Whilst Homer stays behind because he likes his new home so much. Though I suppose that is why what next transpires is a right eye opener all in all. As Big-boob's point the way - Marge and the kids shop on ebay - Springfield is a town not on the go - and Homer's the man who always says...


A long-long time ago, in a bed-room a bus ride a way, I was a young lad sitting in front of my television set, and awaiting for a new show to start on television. 'The Tracy Ullman show' it was called, starring an English comedienne named 'Tracy', who was going to be in an Americanized sketch program. "Great" I thought to myself. "Let's see if the Yanks can do something that the Brit's can't" I continued. Well, I always liked watching Tracy during her time on British television, and thought of her as a very funny auntie figure, as well as a female version of Rowan Atkinson (just better at doing impersonations).

And do you know what the worst thing about this experience was? Not the waiting. Not the excitement. Not the anticipation. But rather the show in itself. It's wasn't all that I'm sorry to say. Granted, here and there, their was a funny skit, or a nifty jingly. But by in large it was one of those programs that didn't sit too well for me as a viewer, and started to make me think about the nature of comedy, stardom, and all that jazz.

Please note, I am not trying to imply that this show was completely crap. Oh no. Because it wasn't. Instead, it was a mixture of odd's and sod's, that did not seem to mesh too well together. Like the first 'Simpsons' cartoon for example.

Bart's Potato Chip in The Simpsons Movie

Ha! I bet you was wondering when I would be get round to that, huh? The Simpsons. The best cartoon ever to to star my true nature on screen, also known as Homer Jay Simpson. Funnily enough, when I first watched this movie adapted from the television series, it was like when I first sat down and watched the 'Tracy Ullman Show'. Wondering if it was worth the time and effort to take the big leap from one form of entertainment to another.

It did.

'The Simpsons Movie' not only satisfied my curiosity, but also expanded upon the core essence of this animatic masterpiece, presenting a bigger and bolder picture for all to see.

Escape from The Simpsons Movie

However, does ‘bigger and bolder’ necessarily mean better? Hmmm? On the whole, I would have to say ‘Yes, with a but’. And I say this for a number of reasons really: (1) As ever, the Simpson’s are as bold and as consistent like they have always been. Homers’ a clown. Marge is the voice of reason. Lisa’s the nerd. Bart is the rebel. And Maggie is the quiet one. Still, I would have liked to have seen something new within this movie, rather than formulaic funnies.Well, although the characters were all really great to watch. The story does not evolve the characters as individuals. (2) As expected, the story is a much grander affair than the television series. But sometimes ‘more’ can feel like ‘filler’ within the grander scheme of things. Like in the sub-strand where Bart wanted Flanders to be his Father for instance. (3) In places, the animation techniques used is much more expansive than the original, and conceptually this was a good thing within this picture. But in places, this did seem kind of out of place. Like the glow of the flames when the townspeople marched towards the Simpsons house. And (4) I was very happy to see some of the supporting characters having some time to shine, but I would have preferred them to be used more within the plot, and not as insert shots to keep the momentum of the movie running.

The Simpsons Movie Wallpaper

Now please do not get me wrong with all that I have just said about 'The Simpsons Movie'. I liked it a lot. It states on the advertisement babble, that it is 'bigger in tone and bolder in temperament'. But ‘better’ is a relative term – which it was – but not all in all, just in the encompassing arc that it presented us with.

I suppose that the creators of this movie could not have done any better even if they wanted to really. The Simpsons are a franchise, and as such, could only ‘push the envelope’ so far within the scope of this movie. Well – come on – lets face it, they could not have Homer divorce Marge, or Maggie kill Bart and Lisa! They will always be restrained by the formula of the television series. Be it good or be it bad, this film did the best at what it could do, and told a longer episode than it has ever done before. Also, on top of that, it maintained its high standard of comedy, character, and pathos, making this movie a much see for all Simpson’s fans everywhere. Agreed Homer?

A great film. A great movie. And what a great guy!


THE SIMPSONS MOVIE THE SIMPSONS MOVIE Reviewed by David Andrews on July 05, 2011 Rating: 5
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