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Life can make people feel some really strange things you know. It can make you happy – it can make you sad – and it can makes you put on an all in one red body suit, and then fight crime brandishing the name Daredevil. True story – as told in this dashing first issue Written by Mark Waid, Drawn by Paolo Rivera; and Published by Marvel Comics in August 2011.  

Now Matt (Daredevil) Murdock’s return to the game of heroes and villains is a rather strange affair indeed. As he starts off this gambit by foiling a kidnap attempt made at a Gangers wedding, one involving a Spiderman foe – the Spot – plus a dizzying array of daring do, ultimately resulting in a smack to the mouth and a kiss on the lips – the Spot’s mouth by Matt – and Matt’s lips by the Bride.  

And this strange affair does not end there, oh no, as next – after this publicized escapade – Matt finds problems in his civilian life also. Regretfully, he is still though of as Daredevil you see – an association that impedes his walk to work by a coffee vendor – and at his work too, when a fledgling lawyer discredits Matt’s case involving a Muslims man’s assault by the police.

So what can Matt do about this? New assistant District Attorney, Kirsten McDuffie, tries her best to curb Matt’s association – but Matt does not care – instead he is more interested in why his Muslim client is having problems. However, before he can investigate matters, a red, white, and blue shield enters the fray... to be continued.

In the back-up feature, Matt and Foggy have a stroll through New York and talk about the past, the present, and the future.

EUREKA! It’s back! A new ongoing Daredevil series is back, and now it is better than ever before. From the very first pages, you can sense straight away that this bold new start is going to be good – as there are touches of history to it – touches of Frank Miller to it – and touches of Gene Colan to it too. OK, I have to admit, at first, I was very hesitant with this ‘reboot’ – as I did not see any reason why Marvel had to cancel the previous series. And to be honest with you, I still don’t – but that did not take away the fun I had in reading this issue.

Firstly, let me just praise the writer of this book – Mark Waid – as he has done something to this title that I have not seen in a very long time. And what is that? Well, he has given the overall tone of this book a very pithy, fun, adventurous, and happy take on Matt’s character, turning this once pessimistic person into an optimistic person – which I really like. Thankfully, the back-up story seemed to clarify this new stance more openly, as well as giving Matt – and most probably Mark – the opportunity to justify the reasons behind this new stance. Bless you Mark Waid – you are the king of reinvention – you have done it to Wally (Flash) West in the past, and it looks like that you are doing it to Matt now.

Secondly, the art by Paolo Rivera, YEEEE-HAWWW! I love it – I want to wine and dine it and then give it a baby, wink-wink! I want to wrap it up in silver foil, stick it in the oven for twenty minutes on gas mark six, and then eat it all up, yum-yum! I want to take off all my clothes and insert... err... I think that you get the basic idea by now, huh? I just find that Paolo’s art has complemented Marks new take on Matt perfectly, whilst at the same time giving us his own style and amalgamating it with other reputable Daredevil artists – such as Frank Miller and Gene Colan.  Bless you Paolo Rivera – you are a bright new artist – and I look forward to seeing your work in the future.

And while I am on the subject of dearly departed Gene, I like to think that this fresh take is in some ways a homage to his work of yesteryear. Gene passed away on June 26th 2011, he had ongoing health issues with his liver, heart, and cancer. Bless you Gene Colan – you work will always live on through the ages, and you will be sorely missed by family, friend, and fan alike.

Overall, this was a great new start for a great new series. I liked it, and so should you too. And if not, why not? Leave a missive below, and I promise that I will get back to you, beeeeeeeep!


DAREDEVIL #1 DAREDEVIL #1 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 11, 2011 Rating: 5
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