Have you ever enjoyed visiting the circus? Me – personally – I have often found this form of entertainment a rather strained affair overall.  It has that sort of shabby-chic quality to it, one that just makes me feel as if I will bump onto an Edwardian serial killer. However, maybe this might be much better than bumping into Writer: Kyle Higgins; Artist: Eddy Barrows; and Publisher: DC Comics – especially in October 2011.

Pretty boy, Dick Grayson, is a mixture of both positive and negative emotions at the moment. He is happy that he has left his previous ‘Batman’ incarnation behind him, and that he is now Nightwing once more. He is deterred that crime is still rampant in Gotham City, and that is why he has recently moved into a new downtown apartment in a neighbourhood that sorely needs protecting. And finally, Dick is sad that his old circus, ‘Halys’, has come to town, which is why he goes to visit his old work colleges, and in doing so, has a spin on the rafters.

Next, after this Carney related courtesy call, whilst Dick is walking back home, a masked and clawed assassin suddenly attacks him head on, POW! Thankfully, though, Dick is fast on his feet – and he is able to suit up as Nightwing and fight back within a blink of an eye, THWAP! However, this assailant is very good also, and he manages to get the upper hand on Nightwing – even if he does want to kill Dick Grayson instead.

To be continued...

Now just like the ‘Green Lanterns’ series of two weeks hence, this ‘Nightwing’ comic book doesn’t appear to be effected all that much by the ‘rebuffing’ of the new ‘52’. It acknowledges that Dick was once Batman – it acknowledges that he was once a Robin – and it acknowledges that he was a Carney too. Also, to make things seem a bit more special, artist, Eddy Barrows, has given Nightwing a new look that is very reminiscent to the Joel Schumacher Batman & Robin movie.

Take that that last reference any which way you like.

OK, so what do I think about all of this then? Happy? Sad? Indifferent? Constipated? Errr – all of them I am afraid to say. As I am happy that DC has not pissed about with Nightwing’s origin – Sad that they have brought nothing new to the table – indifferent about Nightwings new look – and constipated because I have just eaten Yogurt and Chilli (don’t laugh, it tastes nice if you have nothing else in the cupboard). Moreover, I did like the way in which the majority of this issue was in the first person narrative, thus giving writer – Kyle Higgins – the opportunity to explain to us – the reader – what he thinks Dick is all about.

And is he correct with his estimations? Is Kyle’s interpretation of the ‘first sidekick’ spot-on? Errr – yes – I suppose that he is in a strange way. However, being right does not necessarily mean that this issue was perfect all in all. Conceptually, the overall through-line of this introductory story is beige in approach and tone. Though the art was really nice by Eddy Barrows, the story felt as if I have read it before – and the additional masked saboteur element wasn’t necessarily that captivating to follow.

Still, whilst saying all of that, I am genuinely happy that Nightwing has his own book back again, and I am sure that time will tell if this current creative team has the gumption to break the mould where Dick is concerned.

Nice start – not good – not bad – just nice.


NIGHTWING #1 NIGHTWING #1 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 03, 2011 Rating: 5
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