Have you ever been to New Orleans? It's like eating a barrel full of beans. The locals are rooting - the parades are a tooting - and the women wear very tight jeans. True story - it was told to me by Writer: Kyle Higgins; Artist: Eddy Barrows; and Publisher: DC Comics, in February 2012. Plus a couple of demons as well.

So what’s the story morning glory?
In 'Til Death Do Us Part', we see the adult wonder, Dick (Nightwing) Grayson, in a right devil of a dilemma.

For a start, Dick is confused about Haly's secret ledger - and why his name is in it. Next, Dick is deterred by the dreams he keeps on having at night - one involving his dead parents and some kid called Raymond. After that, Dick is troubled why Raya will not speak to him - blaming it on Barbra Gordon's appearance last issue.  And finally, Dick is flabbergasted when a rhyming demon suddenly kidnaps his clown friend, Jimmy - in front of his very eyes.

So what do you think that Dick does about this, huh? Or should I say Nightwing? Well, in no time at all. Nightwing pursues this demon, Archeron, and after a bit of razzmatazz, manages to subdue him plus his 'master', Zohna - who was Jimmy's ex-girlfriend - but is now a mage.

Oh! And while I am on the subject of 'ex-girlfriends', what is Raya doing the following day speaking Saiko? Or should I say Raymond?

To be continued... 

What is the most memorable sentence spoken in this issue?
I liked Jimmy's closing remarks to Dick in the aftermath of their adventure together. He said "I'm not sure why you came back to Haly's, but take it from me - sometimes it is better to keep what's behind you, behind you. Some things are better off left buried. Try to keep that in mind?".

Sounds very ominous, doesn't it.  

Was the story any good?
One hundred percent yes. I liked how this issue was both self-contained, whilst at the same time progressed the 'Haly sub-plot' a step or two in the right direction. Granted, it was not the most original story I have ever seen - but in the same vein it was a very enjoyable read, and I did like how some of the 'Circus players' had a little bit more interaction within Dick's story.

Moreover, I did enjoy the opening sequence as well - it was very hocus-pocus - and very dramatic too - magic-wise. 

Was the art any good?
Eddy Barrows is a really great artist on this title, and I am sure that his name will be getting much more honourable praise in the near future. For example, in this issue, he does a dynamic job of Dick's dancing about all over the place.

Plus, in addition to this, his atmospheric little touches really do elevate the overall tone of the story - more so than your usual adventurous fair. Like his demon figure, Archeron, and his mood staging.

However, in one panel in particular, I did find that he went a bit overboard on Nightwings red insignia - as it made him look a bit overtly 'fudged' in statue and in poise.

Still, apart from that, Eddie is a class act to beat.    

What is the best thing about this issue?
With my hands on my heart, I have to confess that the last page just kicked me in the teeth sideways. What a surprise? Raya and Raymond are the sods behind Dick's dilemma! Shame really, as I really hoped that Raya could have been a more stalwart player in this series.

Women, huh? You can't live without them - and you can't shoot them with a gun at point blank range, and then blame it on the bad guy afterward.

I blame the government.

What is the worst thing about this issue?
I only have one problem with this issue - it was not very clear to me how Dick managed to overpower the demon! They both jumped into the air - there was a big flash of lightning - and kaput - arrivederci-Romeo.

Now was this just me? If so, please fill me in on what I missed.

If you could sum up this issue in a phrase or saying, what would that phrase or saying be?
Inadvertently, Jimmy the clown's sullen demeanour gave me the answer to this question - "Life's a bitch at times". Fitting - in a sardonic sort of a way.

If this issue were a movie, an object, or a piece of music, what would that be and why? 
One song sprung out at me whilst reading the graveyard scene in this issue. It's a dramatic power-ballad which has both dynamic and somber overtones - 'Stay' by Shakespear's Sister.

Nice, isn't it.

What do you think would have made this issue better than it was?
I would have gotten Etrigan the Demon to suddenly show up, and then had him have a 'rap-off' with this issues yellow skinned sod, Archeron. Heck, you never know, they might even be cousins, huh?

Final thoughts...
Once I finished reading 'Nightwing', I thought to myself "Is the writing on the wall already?". Now what I mean by this; is that because of Raya's betrayal, will Dick leave the circus behind him and then head back to Gotham once this adventure is over with? Well, as you may already know, I hope this is not the case. But it does seem highly likely, doesn't it?

Marks out of 10? 8.5

NIGHTWING #5 NIGHTWING #5 Reviewed by David Andrews on January 25, 2012 Rating: 5
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