Rosemary's Baby Cover What's more frightening? Being pregnant? Or being hounded by witches? Well, I suppose for you to be able answer this question more succinctly, it would be a good idea if you could watch this film Directed by Roman Polanski; and Starring: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, and Ruth Gordon. It was made in 1968, and lasts for 136-minutes.

Rosemary's Baby

Young New York suburbanites, Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse (Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes), decide to move into a new apartment together, so that they can then have a somewhat different life.

And do you know what? This happens too!

For example, they are befriended by persistently nosy neighbors, Minnie and Roman Castevet (Ruth Gordon and Sidney Blackmer). Guy gets a step up the career ladder when a college of his suddenly goes blind. Plus, in addition to this, Rosemary finds herself pregnant after Guy makes love to her whist she is having a bad dream.  

Please note, though, Rosemary is very happy that she is pregnant. She always wanted to start a new family with Guy. However, along with this does come some surprising side-effects as well. She looses weight. She feels ill. She has pains in her stomach. And she starts having strange thoughts about those who are around her.

Now her newly appointed doctor, Abraham Sapirstein (Ralph Bellamy), tells Rosemary that this is all part of the course of giving birth. Nevertheless, deep inside Rosemary, she begins to suspect that this all could be connected to Minnie and Roman's over-bearing ways.

You see, they give her a strange smelling locket to wear. Minnie gives her a herbal remedy to drink on a daily basis. Plus they both visit Rosemary at very inopportune times, as if they are keeping an eye on her.

Granted, this all may seem like the right neighbourly thing to do in the scheme of things. Moreover, Rosemary's husband, Guy, does not seem to be bothered about it either. Still, this lasts for eight solid months, until one day - poof - Rosemary start to feel better again, just after she has an argument with Guy.

Or does she? Hmm?

Well, that's most probably why what next transpires is a tale of witchcraft and hidden secrets, huh? As deaths lead to revelations - departures lead to problems at home - and a doctor's door leads to the devil himself.


Please allow me to start off my review by saying that 'Rosemary's Baby' is one great film. It's suspenseful - the story is great - all the actors are brilliant in it - and its one of those movies that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Moreover, it's one of those tales that harks back to yesteryear too, where films were more committed to spinning a yarn, rather than splashing the screen with special effects and inane plot lines and twists.

Mia in Rosemary's Baby

Mia Scared of Rosemary's Baby
Here, have a look at some of these facts associated with flick to see what I mean: (1) During the making of this film, Mia Farrow received her divorce papers from her first husband, Frank Sinatra, and then went on to marry composer, Andre Previn. She married Woody Allen years later. (2) This was Roman Polanski's very first adaptation, and his very first American film.Plus it is very faithful to the original novel by Ira Levin. (3) Tuesday Welds, Jane Fonda, Julie Christie, Elizabeth Hartman and Joanna Pettet, all turned down the role of Rosemary for this film. Plus Robert Redford, Richard Chamberlain, Jack Nicholson, James Fox, and Warren Beatty, all turned down the part for Guy also. (4) Oscar-nominated editor, Sam O'Steen, would later direct the sequel, 'Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby'. (5) This was the last movie for creature effects creator Farciot Edouart. (6) Rosemary's baby was born in June 1966 (6/66). (7) There was a scene shot involving Joan Crawford and Van Johnson playing themselves on Broadway. But it was omitted due to the lengthy running time. (8) Tony Curtis was the actor who Rosemary spoke to on the phone, the one that Guy said went blind. Mia did not know that it was Tony until after the scene was recorded. (10) John Cassavetes started the new wave of seventies cinema verite, and inspired the likes of Martin Scorsese to direct. And (11) The director of this film, Roman Polanski, pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered in 1969 by Charles Manson and his followers. Charles titled their death spree "Helter Skelter" after the Beatles song. The building in which this movie was shot in, The Dakota Building on Manhattan's Upper West Side, is where ex-Beatle, John Lennon, was killed.

The Eyes of Rosemary's Baby

Phew! Pretty strange facts, huh? Thought I suppose that these strange facts really do complement this strange film. Please note, I do no mean this in bad way of course - far from it. If anything, 'Rosemary's Baby' is a strange film that other strange films should take note of in style, essence, tone, and storytelling.

Now what I mean by this is that the underlining consensus that this film conveys is that the audience must think as well as watch. They must think if what Rosemary is feeling is something to do with her pregnancy or not. They must think that what is presented to them on screen is part of the story or if it is a delusional type hallucination. And they must think that if witchcraft it true then why isn't it more of a household experience.

The Cast Of Rosemary's Baby

Personally speaking, I think that this is a great film, and it is a must watch movie for anybody who want to see a sexy Mia Farrow, a tale of times past, and a suburban horror movie done right. Also, it is a film to watch if you are a New Yorker who would love to see what Manhattan looked liked back in the day.

A classic of horror cinema - one that has held the test of time like the devil himself.


ROSEMARY'S BABY ROSEMARY'S BABY Reviewed by David Andrews on April 12, 2012 Rating: 5
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