EARTH 2 #6

It's the green verses the grey. Look out world, for a huge dose of dismay. Though the lantern is at hand. With a nice mariachi band. One that likes to dance, sing, and play-play-play. Oh! Do you know who else that likes to sing? The rather new and bold creative team of Writer: James Robinson; Artist: Nicola Scott; and Publisher: DC Comics in December 2012.

So what’s the STORY morning glory?
Apart from Terry Sloan and Commander Khan -- who are both currently bitching about a nuclear warhead going off -- everyone else in this story, entitled 'End Times', sure have a lot on their plate at the moment!

  • For instance, the Flash is protecting Green Lanterns body, whilst he delves into 'the Grey' and tries to come to grips with Grundy's warped physiognomy.
  • Moreover, this brash manoeuvre allows Hawkgirl and the Atom to fend off Grundy's corporal form on the outside world too.
  • Ouch! All of that sound's pretty dire, doesn't it? But is it as dire as when GL and Grundy fly off into outer space, paving the way for the Atom to turn against his compatriots?

BOOOM! No. Not really. Then again, that's most probably why this adventure continues when Alan tells 'the gang' to 'p*ss off'.

What is the most memorable SENTENCE OR CONVERSATION spoken in this issue?
Personally speaking, I found the 'arrogance' in Green Lantern's tone very shocking in temperament whilst reading this story. Not shocking as in a bad way of course. Oh no! Shocking as in a -- 'I'm a new character now' -- type way. Like when he breaks free from 'the Grey' for example, and says to 'whatever it is' -- 'Is this your best, Grey? You're most imaginative? You honestly thought my sadness at my lover's death would be the opiate of my defeat? I was better than that, bigger, even before I got these powers'

Also, I did like the use of the term 'opiate' in this sentence too. It's a phase that describes a person's 'withdrawal' symptoms.

What was the BEST thing about this issue?
I'm sure that a lot of you out there groaned with contempt when Alan brushed off his fellow 'wonders' at the end of this adventure. But not me. No sir-re-Bob. I can appreciate this 'diversion', because now this 'new team' can grow as individuals first, before forming a communal alliance.

Well, you have to remember that the original members of the JSA did appear in individual titles prior to coming together. Plus let's not forget that this 'tactic' gives James Robinson an excuse to focus certain stories a hero at a time.

That's what he did best when he wrote 'Starman'. Correct?

What was the WORST thing about this issue?
Apart from Terry Sloan insinuating that Khan's father wasn't really his real father, everything else they did in this issue felt a bit superfluous in hindsight.  

Come on. Let's face it. What did they do? Just talk, right? And not even an engaging conversation at that. It would have been nice if they dropped a hint here or there, explaining what their 'secret' organisation is all about. But no. All we got instead was exposition to sleep by.

What was the most CREATIVE thing about this issue?
STORY: One of the most creative things about this yarn was its synergistic slant in story-telling, without it feeling too forced or contrived in execution. Take that part where the nuclear bomb starts to fly over head for instance. I didn't go 'Oh! Not that too'. No. I thought, 'Sh*t! What's Alan going to do now?'.

See what I mean, dear reader? The set-up and the execution of this plot-thread wasn't as obvious as I first thought.

ART: Did you know that the artist on this series, Nicola Scott, is actually from Australia? Yeah. Honestly. I looked it up on wiki-didgeridoo-a-pedia. So it must be right, and a good explanation as to why everything she draws comes out so healthy looking and bold. Heck, even when she's draws a man made out of muck it looks healthy!

Pssst! Don't tell anybody. But I hear barbecues are meant to be good for you. As well as Kangaroos.

If you had to CAST TWO CHARACTERS in this comic book, who would they be and why?
THE ATOM: Continuing with this week's stand-up comic 'casting vibe', I would have to say that the diminutive magician, Teller, sure looks like someone who can surprise you when least expected. Just look at his ears. Do I have to say any more than that?

GRUNDY: Penn Jillette -- Grundy. Penn Jillette -- Grundy. Yeah. Sound like a fairly even match-up, doesn't it? Plus it would be great to see him getting his hands on Teller without a knife.

If this issue had a MOVIE TAG LINE, what would it be?
What's Stronger Than Love? Fist's? Speed? Flight? Or A Stubborn Streak That Can Take You Out Of This World?

If this issue were a MOVIE, an OBJECT, or a piece of MUSIC, what would that be and why? 
Alright, so this story was about lost love, a dual battle, and a conclusion that ended with a 'THUD' not a 'BASH'. So why not compare it to the Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker yawn-fest, known as 'Rush Hour 2'?

OK, I know that it's a purely conceptual match. Still, what are you going to do? Make 'Rush Hour 4'?

FINAL thoughts...
Dear Mister James Robinson -- The Writer on This Book

For many years now I have been a great admirer of your work. I've lived through the praise you received on such titles as 'The Golden Age' and 'Starman'. Plus I've lived through the bashing you took on 'Justice League of America' and your screen adaptation of 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'.

Now though -- I'm not sure where we're at the moment. Have I seen the best of you already? Or maybe I haven't seen the worst of you yet?

Well, your current work on this book is a bit ying and yang by default. One issue your writing is up there with the best of them. And the next issue I feel as if you've been constrained by editorial edict.

Is it just me? Or am I missing something? I know you have a plan for this series. I can feel it in my bones. But I am not sure if this plan is being hampered somehow by external forces.

Anyway, just thought you should know. All the best.

Love Light and Peace. The Reviewer.

MARKS out of 10? 9

EARTH 2 #6 EARTH 2 #6 Reviewed by David Andrews on November 21, 2012 Rating: 5
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