In order for DC Comics to give their November themed 'Lego Month' some form of street cred, they decided to ask their creators to develop something urban and original. So that is why Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok broke into Starbucks and made a cappuccino out of a capuchin. Or as they called it... 'A Monkey Mocha'.

To QUOTE Any Doctor Seen On The Television: 'Please take two tablets after your meal and come see me again in the morning'.

Now after the cataclysmic events brought about by the aptly titled 'Amazo Virus', I'm afraid to say that the people of Metropolis and the Justice League have both seen better days.

Well, let's face it, dear reader. Most of the League are in a coma. Some of the citizens have been mutated and perverted beyond their control. And worst still, it's all boils down to Lex Luthor to save the day. Save it, but only if Batman and Superman can find some schmuck called 'Patient Zero', who for some apparent reason holds the cure for this strange outbreak.

The ugly git.  

Generally speaking I'd say this first chapter of 'The Amazo Virus' was a really classy read. Now from my point of view I'd attribute this tone to Jason Fabok's amazing artwork. In no uncertain terms he's able to express detail and style both in his character's expressions and his cinematic backdrops, similar to people like David Finch and Jim Lee.

Also, I have to applaud Geoff Johns for making a fairly 'fractured narrative' work in unison. Conceptually I'd say one part of the tale focused on Batman and Superman battling against the contagious mutants. Another part of the story focused on Lex trying to cure the League back at his lab. And yet another part of it focused on explaining what happened, why it happened, and what the heroes have to do next to save the day.

However, it's at this particular juncture of the story-line where things never worked for me...

...because it was here -- during the closing pages where Batman and Superman found who they had to find -- where I said to myself, 'Wait a minute! Isn't that Solomon Grundy? And if it's not him, then how the hell did this chap know where to be? Plus why does he want to hurt our heroes when they've haven't done anything to hurt him in turn?'.

You know what I mean, dear readers? I've never been a big fan of coincidental cliff-hangers. Cause they come across too pat, too predicable, and too cliché.

If you were a citizen of Metropolis what would you think would be an appropriate sound-track to complement this epidemic with? Why yes! That's exactly what I thought too. So it's over to you, The Animals, with this your 1965 classic, 'We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place'.

In a similar vein to my preceding musical match-up, how about I now compare this comic book to a couple of airline tickets?

Why? Well, why not? Wouldn't you also want to get out this place in a more free-floating fashion? Vogue.

There was a scene in this issue where a shrouded figure talked to another shrouded figure about how he was unlucky in killing Lex Luthor. So just for fun -- allegedly -- can you guess who it is out of the following seven suspects?

  1. Martian Manhunter -- Because J'onn didn't like the way Lex cut his hair.
  2. Yul Bryner -- Because Yul wants to be regarded as the only bad ass bald guy in recorded history.
  3. Patrick Stewart -- See previous answer for more details, but replace the phrase 'recorded history' with the word 'salad'.  
  4. Bruce Willis -- Once again, see answer two for more details, but replace the phrase 'bad ass' with the word 'musical'.
  5. Billy Zane -- Wait a minute! Am I just listing bald celebrities here?
  6. Vin Diesel -- Yeah. It looks like I am.
  7. Dolly Parton -- Yes. She is bald. But just not where it's that apparent. Got it?

Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #36 JUSTICE LEAGUE #36 Reviewed by David Andrews on December 02, 2014 Rating: 5
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