We keep getting complaints about noise and underage drinking from DC Comics. So everybody sit down -- that goes double for you Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok -- as we're gonna be here for a while! You don't have anything sharp on you that I can stick myself with, do you? Well, do you? It's April, 2015. And I desperately need a dance!!!

To QUOTE Billy Graham: 'The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life, but rather a legacy of character and faith'.

His name is Metron, he is a New God, and throughout every single moment of his waking life, more or less I'd say he was a bit of a prick.

Well, when I say prick, what I mean by this is that he's the type of God who sits on his ass all day long, and watches people get shot at or universes being reborn. That is except for one time years ago, when he somehow negotiated a peace treaty between two rival planets.

Hey! You might have heard about this incident? Using his guile and lack of charm, Metron managed to persuade the leader of New Genesis, High Father, and the top dog of Apocalypse, Darkseid, to swap sons in exchange of peace.    

And it worked. Kinda. And for many years both of these two Godly worlds lived in relative harmony, until one day when Mister Comfy Chair himself went to see another evil God, named the Anti-Monitor, mainly because he wanted to stop him from killing the fabric of reality. However, in so doing, Met...


To be continued...  

On the whole I'd say this was a pretty impressive prologue to the up and coming, Darkseid War. As per usual the artwork provided on this book was up to its normal high standard. This time though, instead of it just being illustrated by the ever fabulous, Jason Fabok, he had an additional helping hand by the likes of Kevin 'Mister Expressive' Maguire, Phil 'Mister Detailed' Jimenez, Dan 'I Killed Superman' Jurgens, Jerry 'I Do Old School' Ordway, Scott 'I Like To Itch' Kolins, plus Jim 'Not Stan' Lee.

Now moving onto the story part of the equation, and yeah, overall there was a thinly disguised story within this collection of tales. One part of the plot was centred on the Metron character, and defined his role in the New Gods pantheon, as well as in the impending event. Where as another part of the plot also set up this so-called War, plus neatly tied together the Anti-monitor, the previous crisis events DC have published (love that double-page spread), the current Convergence cross-over, as well as the aforementioned New Gods.  

Oh! And while I'm on the subject of the Anti-Monitor, from my viewpoint I thought the most intriguing part of this book was the revelation of his past histories and his real name. 'Mobius', eh? I wonder if this has anything to do with the Hückel concept? Plus, how on Earth did he sit in Metrons chair for so long without getting bum-rash? Though maybe that's why he's wearing the suit!

Essentially I would say this adventure was a collection of short stories stringed together using the New God character of Metron as a device. And, as I mentioned, to a certain degree I can see how some of these stories had a unified theme with that whole 'Please stop remaking the universe' sub-plot (Here-Here!). That being said, another part of me doesn't really see the relation to these tales in contrast to that sequence where Metron helped settle a dispute between High Father and Darkseid. Unless, this was only included to show that Metron does help people out here and there.  

Despite sitting on his ass for most of the issue, generally speaking Mister Comfy Chair was trying to save the world in the only way he knew how. So, with that in mind, I best musically match it up to the 80s Band Aide song, 'We Are The World'.

At the start of this story Metron said that he was the type of chap who didn't like to get involved with worldly affairs unless he had to. Yet do you know what this remark reminded me of? Switzerland. The neutral country that tries it's best to remain neutral even though they're basically a race of friendly Germans.
At the very end of this comic the Anti-Monitors new buxom side-kick was revealed (Honk-Honk!). So, just for fun -- according to Newton -- let's see if you can guess what her name would be out of the following list?

  1. Anti-Social Behaviour: Hey! It kinda fits.
  2. Anti-Biotic: Just in case old chrome dome catches a cold.
  3. Anti-Depressant: See previous answer for more details, but replace the word cold with the phrase, lack of love.
  4. Anti-Disestablishmentarianism: Yes. This is a real word. Ask google if you don't believe me.
  5. Anti-Freeze: Because allegedly she's the love child of the Anti-Monitor and Mister Freeze.
  6. Anti-Histamine: I think I've done the medical joke to death with this one.
  7. Anti-Gravity Yoga: Like option four, yes, this is a real thing. Bless you AntiGravityYoga.com.
  8. Anti-Dote: No. I can't see where I'm going with this either.
Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 Reviewed by David Andrews on May 18, 2015 Rating: 5
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