StonersThe worlds of weed and super powers collide head-on in our new ongoing comic-strip, Stoners, created by Tzvi Lebetkin! Now what would the sub-culture of marijuana look like in a world full of meta-powered-people streaking through the sky? With very limited option when his powers suddenly manifest themselves, Seth Lewis finds out the hard way! And before he knows it, sees what happens when he’s transferred to a POWERS SCHOOL - which for many would be a dream come true. But as we all know, reality is never as great as we would think it is, is it? And the downside's become far more obvious for him very-very quickly. That is, until an unexpected option falls into Seth's lap. The option to join…The Stoners!

Newkadia Comics

Stoners - The WebComic 1

Stoners - The WebComic 2

Stoners - The WebComic 3

Stoners - The WebComic 4

To Download Stoners For iOS
  1. Go to iTunes and download the app on your iPad.
  2. Open up the Electricomics app on your iPad.
  3. Press the Electricomics E in the top left corner.
  4. Select the download option.
  5. Press the plus sign.
  6. Enter http://biblicalcomix.com/Stoners101.elcx
  7. Click the Open button
  8. Enjoy.

Currently there isn't an Electricomic app for Android. But fear not, faithful readers, as we've managed to make a web-based version that’ll play on any web browser. Please click here for our web-based version.

Newkadia Comics
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STONERS (1:1) - IN THE BEGINNING THERE WERE DRUGS STONERS (1:1) - IN THE BEGINNING THERE WERE DRUGS Reviewed by David Andrews on July 31, 2015 Rating: 5
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