Stoners Previously on Stoners: Seth, our hapless hero, suddenly discovers that he has unstable superpowers: notably, having the ability to occasionally pee fire when the mood takes his fancy. And as such, he is unceremoniously relocated to a Powers school, where he, and the rest of the student body, is mandated to keep their dangerous abilities sedated... with massive amounts of medical marijuana. But of course, some do not want to support the government's stance on powers suppression! Those being the people who are currently attacking the school, rendering the inadequate rent-a-cop school security defenceless. Who are they and why are they doing this? For that answer, and many-many more questions, read on, dear reader. Read on…

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To Download Stoners For iOS
  1. Go to iTunes and download the app on your iPad.
  2. Open up the Electricomics app on your iPad.
  3. Press the Electricomics E in the top left corner.
  4. Select the download option.
  5. Press the plus sign.
  6. Enter http://biblicalcomix.com/Stoners102.elcx
  7. Click the Open button
  8. Enjoy.

Currently there isn't an Electricomic app for Android. But fear not, faithful readers, as we've managed to make a web-based version that’ll play on any web browser. Please click here for our web-based version.

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