When I was a young lad, my Mummy and Daddy told me that when I got older I'd be able to do what Geoff and Jason did to this story. DC Comics published it in July, 2015. And yes! That's correct. They did have the audacity to fold it into a paper hat and wear it at a party.

To QUOTE Cindy Crawford: 'Having children really changes your priorities'.

Hands up everyone who hasn't yet scooped out this second part of The Darkseid War! OK. That's one, two, three... blah-blah-blah... seventy-nine... ten billion. Hmm? Alright then you miserable lot. Come back and read what I'm about to say once you have, OK? And the reason why I say this, is because there's no other way for me to review this issue without giving away some major spoilers. So go on. Shift. Bookmark this page and come back later. And as for the rest of you, well, you lot can check this out.

Now from my point of view the basic crux of this story hinges on a discussion Myrina Black has with Mister Miracle about her prior association with the other three villains who appear in it. Apparently, a long time ago Myrina took it upon herself to brake away from her Amazonian sisters (including Wonder Woman's Mum), with the intent of setting-up a HQ based in mans world in order to prepare for Darkseid's attack. But in so doing, she also decided to do something else as well. Have a love child with Darkseid (one now epitomized in the goth girl called Grail), before bringing her up and then sending her off to find another God who is able to overpower her deadly-Daddy... A God called The Anti Monitor.

Meanwhile, in another part of this comic, we also get to see that the titular team, i.e. the Justice League, have been split up into two factions and are currently facing three of the parties associated with Myrina's story.

One part of the team, namely Superman and Lex Luthor, are preparing themselves for a battle with Darkseids minions (after being zapped all the way to Apocalypse). Where as the other part of the team, namely, the two Green Lanterns, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Cyborg, Flash, and Batman, are having their collective asses saved by the New God, Metron, who quickly whisks them away to safety on the Rock of Eternity, or else the Anti Monitor and Grail are going to do the nasty on them once again.

But fear not, my friends. Even though the majority of this book is basic plot telling and groundwork laying, what it's not, is a boring chapter to read. The first thing I best mention is how brilliantly illustrated it was by my twitter pal, Jason Fabok, who draws dynamic better than most artists out there. And of course, I also have to give a big hand to my not-so twitter pal, Geoff Jones, mainly because of all those little nerd-busting pieces of trivia he gave away: Like the nod and the wink to the Green Lantern / New God War, Diana's Amazonian heritage, Myrania's associative link to the Golden Age Wonder Woman, plus what Bruce said about the Joker when he... he... he... errrrr... no. As much as I've spoilt the brunt of this issue for you already, I'm not going to spoil its ending as well.

Overall, this was a very entertaining second part of the Darkseid War. And despite not completely understanding why Myrina had a daughter with Darkseid, only to use her as a go-between, between her and the Anti-Monitor, on the whole, the art was amazing, and the story was very evolving.

Now to me, the essential crux of this comic is mainly focused on a battle between two opposing parties: Darkseid and The Anti-Monitor. And whenever I think of those two, I can't help but also think of the following Imperial March...

Up above, I mentioned how I didn't completely understand Myrina's motives for having Grail, if she was only going to use her as some sort of super-powered messenger. So, this got me to thinking (Oh No!). Thinking that on a conceptual level Grail is a messenger. Or in more real terms, a postman, thus my comparison.  

Now you know how I said that I wasn't going to spoil the ending of this book? Well, I lied. In part I lied because half of me is dying to reveal this revelation, where as the other half of me wants to tease you with it instead. So, after a moments thought (yeah, right?), here is the tease.

At the end of this adventure Batman jumps into a very big chair and...

  1. Drinks ten pints of beer and then falls asleep.
  2. Gets a cramp in his legs and requests Wonder Woman to massage them.
  3. Complains that he can't get into the right position.
  4. Farts.
  5. Turns into a God.
  6. Asks for the remote control so he can watch the TV.
  7. Throws a cat at a moving turtle.
  8. Drinks ten pints of beer them farts at a moving turtle whilst Wonder Woman massages his cramped legs.
Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #42 JUSTICE LEAGUE #42 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 03, 2015 Rating: 5
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