Red Ghost Previously on Red Ghost: In 1762, the proud Tibetan warrior Lord Shingen was betrayed and murdered, left to rot in the snow for all of eternity. Years later, however, hundreds of years later, he somehow manages to awake with no memories of his past, wearing an ancient battle-suit, ready for a fight. And yes, he does fight, he'll fight for the good name of the woman who he'll eventually marry, the beautiful Lady Sadako, and together they'll make a home for themselves at the Det-Sen monastery. Thing is, this monastery has a mission to uncover the lost secrets of the ancients, long forgotten in the cold winds of time. As the years pass their life together blossoms and grows and bears fruit to the newness of change, and in that change life will lead these noble people to places they've never dreamed imaginable. So in that respect, is their story any different from our own? Stefano Cardoselli and Tzvi Lebetkins like to think so, as they're the creators of Red Ghost.

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Red Ghost

Red Ghost

Red Ghost

Red Ghost

To Download Red Ghost For iOS
  1. Go to iTunes and download the app on your iPad.
  2. Open up the Electricomics app on your iPad.
  3. Press the Electricomics E in the top left corner.
  4. Select the download option.
  5. Press the plus sign.
  6. Enter http://BiblicalComix.com/RedGhost201.elcx
  7. Click the Open button
  8. Enjoy.

Currently there isn't an Electricomic app for Android. But fear not, faithful readers, as we've managed to make a web-based version that’ll play on any web browser. Please click here for our web-based version, or alternatively, click here to load up the first issue in a PDF format. 

Red Ghost Webcomic
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