The Imperium Previously on The Imperium: All things considered, it hasn't been that bad spending the morning with those five loveable characters in the Imperium. As soon as the Exile discovers an invading extra dimensional Lovecraftian entity (called Gloon), before he knows it, both he and his team quickly find themselves swallowed whole by the pesky blighter, and are sucked into a vortex by it’s unnatural lusts. Luckily enough, the Assassin got up late, and with him being immune to lustful feelings, he's surprisingly unaffected by the beast's attack, and shoots it in the eye, breaking reality. Well, that's what Tzvi Lebetkin and Dominic Racho told me when they created this eighth part of... The Imperium.

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The Imperium

The Imperium

The Imperium

To Download The Imperium for iOS
  1. Go to iTunes and download the app on your iPad.
  2. Open up the Electricomics app on your iPad.
  3. Press the Electricomics E in the top left corner.
  4. Select the download option.
  5. Press the plus sign.
  6. Enter http://biblicalcomix.com/TheImperium08.elcx 
  7. Click the Open button.
  8. Enjoy.

Currently there isn't an Electricomic app for Android. But fear not, faithful readers, as we've managed to develop a tapastic-based version. Please click here for that. 

The Imperium
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The Imperium

THE IMPERIUM (1:8) - NOT THE END... YET THE IMPERIUM (1:8) - NOT THE END... YET Reviewed by David Andrews on September 02, 2016 Rating: 5

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