Funny X-Men Some people say that mimicry is the highest form of flattery, and that impersonation of any kind is the only way an artist or a creator can truly know if they've made it in their industry. Or is it? Could there possibly be an avenue or medium in which mimicry can be detrimental to a persons chosen profession? Case in point, the following caricatures depicting superhero movies. Here, check them out and tell me what you think.

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Iron Man
With Rob Get-Down-On-Me Sooner

Trivia: Now it's pretty common 
knowledge that Robert once had a 
major problem with drugs. But did
you know that he was introduced to 
drugs by his father, a filmmaker,
also called Robert, while starring in
a film he was making called, Pound.
Junior was only six at the time.

Black Widow
With Harlot Yoe-Handsome

Trivia: One day, while driving
home from work, Scarlett
noticed a billboard of her most
recent film, The Island, by the
side of the road. Problem was, she
got distracted by the size of her
own printed chest, & accidentally
crashed her car in the process.

With Henry Grovel

Trivia: Henry was once up for the
role of James Bond, but
unfortunately for him, at the time
he was rejected for the part as they
thought he was too young. The
role eventually went to Daniel Craig.

With Ben Ass-Lick

Trivia: While they were on
the set of Mallrats Ben became
friendly with its director, Kevin
Smith. Thing is, the way Ben
did this was by leaving him
notes, asking to be his friend. 

Harley Quinn
With Margot Gobbie 

Trivia: Margot starred in the same
Australian soap opera which
propelled Kylie Minogue to
stardom, Neighbours. Although,
for her, it happened years later.

Wonder Woman 
With Hail Ha-Dock

Trivia: In the same year she won the
title of Miss Israel, 2004, Gal was
enlisted  into the Israeli Defence
Force. On a side note, she also
co-owns a hotel in Tel Aviv with
her husband, Yaron Versano.

With Huge Hampton

Trivia: Originally Hugh wanted
to be a journalist, not an actor.
However, while he was studying
for his degree in
communications, he took a
drama theory class during his
senior year, and the rest, as
they say, was history. 

Alfred Pennyworth
With My Cocaine

Trivia: In real life Michael is close
personal friends with two James
Bonds, Sean Connery and Roger
Moore, and even acted with them
plus one other Bond, Pierce Brosnan.
These films include: The Man Who
Would Be King, Bullseye, and
The Fourth Protocol.

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