The First PurgeWhat do you prefer? Physically going to a casino or playing with its online equivalent? Such as the PayPal online casino, for instance! After all, both experiences are fulfilling and generally worthwhile! Not only because you can enjoy the thrill of gaming, but at the same time, there's also a good chance you'll receive a nice financial reward. Or better yet, would you prefer to play another game of chance? An even deadlier game! Just like the one featured in the following 98-minute movie directed by Gerard McMurray, and starring Marissa Tomei, Kristen Solis, Luna Lauren Velez, Mugga, Joivan Wade, Lex Scott Davis, and Y’lan Noel.

The First Purge

Citizens of America, tonight’s the night we will commence a brand new tradition that’ll be held every year to help our nation thrive and survive. A tradition, I hasten to add, that requires us to take up arms and defend ourselves to the best of our abilities.

So come on, grab your guns, sharpen your blades, and get yourself ready to kill, slaughter, and destroy, each and every crook, gangster, and hood who dare pollute our fair lands. Trust me, if we don’t do this now, sooner or later we’ll be swamped with degradation and drudgery that’ll corrupt our children and flood our courts. 

Besides, we’re currently drowning in a sea of scum, gasping for air, and we need to band together and push the crime rate way below one percent, while testing a sociological theory that vents aggression, purges civil unrest, and begins right here, right now! Attack! Attack! Attack! So says your new leader and your...

If you're not -- I repeat, not -- a big fan of huge explosions, multiple deaths, or the sight of people getting chopped up and shredded to pieces, then for the love of God, please don't watch 'The First Purge' because that's precisely what it's all about. More or less this is the type of movie that mixes together both action and horror elements, and as such, it's not really for the faint-hearted.

The First Purge
Now when the film begins we are presented with a scene where we see the main protagonist, named Skeletor, as played by Rotimi Paul, broadcasting his devilish thoughts to the rest of the world via video camera, telling people how he's such a hard-core criminal, blah-blah-blah, and that he's bent on causing death and destruction to whomever he sees fit, Burp! Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending upon your perspective, his wishes are eventually granted by a mysterious person who witnesses his broadcast and responds to him accordingly (Please Note: This person remains anonymous until the end of the movie). 

And how does that happen exactly? Well, a few days later, the new leaders of America -- who are a militant faction that recently disposed of the president and his administration -- announce that there is going to be a 12 hour purge in certain parts of the country, and during that time most regions will be deemed lawless, meaning, any activity is allowed including criminal activities. So in many ways, this announcement is exactly what Skeletor had asked for previously.

Once this comes to an end, criminals such as Skeletor prepare for the purge by stockpiling arms, meeting up with their cohorts, and doing whatever is needed to kill-kill-kill. But of course, not everybody is interested in mass slaughter; because some civilians seek refuge in the surrounding areas where the purge is not taking place, whereas others remain in their homes in the hope of earning a reward of $5000!

The First Purge

The First Purge
Do you want to earn a reward too? If so, then let us take a break and check out the following filmic-facts: (1) Ironically enough, this thirteen million dollar action-flick was first released in Canada, France, America, and the UK, on the exact same day as American Independence day. It was on the 4th of July, 2018, and so far it's managed to claw back one-hundred-and-twenty-two million dollars at the Box Office. (2) You might like to know that this is the fourth instalment in 'The Purge' film franchise, with the other three being: 'The Purge' [released in 2013]; 'The Purge: Anarchy' [released in 2014]; and 'The Purge: Election Year' [released in 2016]. (3) Along similar lines, you also might like to know that none of the characters featured in any of the previous movies will be showing up in this one. (4) Loosely translated, this project was entitled 'First Cleansing' in Slovenia; 'Night of Judgment: The Beginning' in Romania; and '12 Hours to Survive: The Start' in Mexico. (5) One of the taglines used to promote this picture, states: 'Witness the birth of an American tradition'. (6) The majority of this movie was shot on location throughout the American borough of Buffalo, New York. It started filming in mid-September, 2017, and it finished at the start of November. (7) In an interview he gave to the press, Rotimi Paul said that he rode the New York City public subway in full makeup and costume to audition for the role of Skeletor. (8) If you look very closely you will notice that the poster for the new 'Halloween' film, the 2018 version, has been plastered on Isaiah's bedroom wall. Uncoincidentally, The Blumhouse Production Company is behind the development of both films.

The First Purge

OK. So now I've told you the facts let us continue talking about 'The First Purge'. Which, quite frankly, is a fairly gruesome film, because when the day of the purge finally arrives, Skeletor, along with his fellow criminal-scum, go around town and kill, murder, and steal, whomever and whatever they damn please! This includes the sight of people dying, people throwing immoral parties, people being rude, and, yeah, that sort of thing: Naughty people doing naughty things that they shouldn't really be doing.

Obviously, by the time the purge officially comes to an end, many-many lives are lost, including Skeletor's, who's killed a few minutes before the final bell. This results in the government releasing a statement that declares it to be a massive success and is now looking at launching a nationwide purge every year. While this conclusion may not be very dramatic, tonally at least, it certainly gives an impression that there is a sequel coming up in the near future.  Ouch!


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