Die Hart ArtDid you know that the majority of people who jump from the top of very tall buildings' usually die before hitting the ground? Well, depending on the distance, there’s a pretty good chance they could either rip their aorta or tear their blood vessels apart, and that’s without mentioning what's bound to happen during the impact itself. We also have to consider those poor sods who have to clean up the mess afterward's. I mean, can you imagine having to pick up a dislocated eye and then putting it into a plastic sterile container? Or alternatively, sucking-up someone’s blood and storing it in a small cellophane bag? It can’t be nice, that’s for sure, and goes to show how gruesome and how messy the overall experience can be!

Having said that though, the sight of someone jumping, or should I say, falling from a great height can also be very dramatic to look at, visually at least. So dramatic in fact, that time and time again this brand of scenario has been featured on the silver screen. After all, the merest glimpse of a dastardly villain or a heroic foil plummeting from a building, a waterfall, or even outer-space, can provide a suitably extravagant ending for any major Hollywood blockbuster.

Waterfall Jump
Now a good example of this can be seen at the end of quite a few movies, such as Die Hard, for instance, circa 1988, where we see the German terrorist Hans Gruber (as played by Alan Rickman) fall to his death due to the persistent machinations of the vest-wearing, no-nonsense, NYPD Cop, John McClane (as played by Bruce Willis). Along similar lines, I can say exactly the same thing about The Fugitive as well, circa 1993, where Doctor Richard Kimble (as played by Harrison Ford) has to literally take a leap of faith when he’s eventually cornered by Deputy U.S. Marshal, Samuel Gerard (as played by Tommy Lee Jones). Want to check out some more examples? Then please have a look at the following infographic kindly given to us by www.roof-stores.co.uk. Go on, give it a glimpse, and when you’re finished click on the following video as well. Please enjoy.

Iconic Falls In Film History

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