The Ice Warriors Previously on the Ice Warriors: Under the guise of a routine audit, Lord Sheyan, or should I say, the disgraced Ice Lord Sheyan, gets sent to the Black Snows so he can secretly investigate any dubious transgressions. Problem is, as soon as he arrives, slap, the high commander in charge of this remote outpost figures out what he's up to, and quickly orders his men to assassinate Sheyan on the spot. Don't worry though, as luck would have it, both Tzvi Lebetkin and Stefano Cardoselli are at hand to make sure things turn out OK, thanks to this weeks episode of the Ice Warriors.

The Imperium

If you want to check out any more work by Tzvi and his gang, please don't hesitate to pop on over to his official website, biblicalcomix.com. And while you're at it, click here for his tapastic mobile app.

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THE ICE WARRIORS (6:8) - PART FOUR OF BLACK SNOW THE ICE WARRIORS (6:8) - PART FOUR OF BLACK SNOW Reviewed by David Andrews on November 18, 2016 Rating: 5

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