The Ice Warriors Previously on The Ice Warriors: She'Yan has been sent to prison and is now awaiting sentencing for his crimes. But of course, to him, there is no crime: Murdering his inexperienced commanding officer needed to be done. If he didn't do this, his brother warriors would have been killed in the heat of battle, slaughtered, due to the pointless folly of an idiot in high command. So, as you can imagine, She'Yan isn't too pleased by these turn of events, especially since his crimes were rightly justifiable. Whatever next? Life? Death? Execution? Or worst yet, a fate even more dire? Let's see, shall we, in part two of the new strip by Tzvi Lebetkin and Stafano Cardoselli.

The Ice Warriors

The Imperium

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THE ICE WARRIORS (2:8) - A DISHONOURABLE DEATH THE ICE WARRIORS (2:8) - A DISHONOURABLE DEATH Reviewed by David Andrews on October 14, 2016 Rating: 5

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