Last of the Irin - CoverIn ancient Aramaic, the word, Irin, either means 'guards' or 'watchers', and generally signifies 'the angels' that were left behind to keep an eye on us until our masters returned. Or should I say, until our Gods returned? Well, to find out, please check out the following QnA I had with the author, Wildfry, who's written an epic online graphic novel, called… 'Last of the Irin'.

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1) Name three words that best describe who you are?   I'd say, seeker, lover, and fool.

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2) What inspired you to write, 'Last of the Irin'?
   I have a desire to wrap life's bitter truths in a sweet coating of sex, violence, humor, and excitement.

3) In your own words, please tell us about this story?   Well, in simple terms, this story attempts to answer one very important question... why did the Gods leave us? When it was previously documented that they were going to be present in the Old World until the 6th century BC, and then in the New World until the 15th century AD! I mean, what's keeping them away? Will they ever return? And what's going to happen to humanity in the meantime?

I would also like you to know that 'Last of the Irin' is a contemporary adventure that revolves around a beautiful, young Messiah who's trying to save us from ourselves. Saying so, while keeping in mind that the overall narrative is steeped in historically accurate data and set in a sci-fi interplanetary landscape.

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4) What song best represents this saga and why?   To answer this question, I'd like to select the Peter Gabriel song, 'Solsbury Hill', because as the song and my story suggests, the truth is sometimes hard to believe, but it can set you free by casting you aside.

Last of the Irin - 3
5) If you could get a celebrity - either living or dead - to promote your wares, who would you choose and why?   
I'd like to choose the 'uncelebrated engine' behind that drunken self-promoter, Alexander the Great. His name was Ptolemy, Claudius Ptolemy, and he was an ancient Greek mathematician that's largely been forgotten by history, despite building an empire, a religion, and a storehouse of knowledge. He also managed to defeat his enemies by turning them against each other, just like the heroine of 'Last of the Irin'. Whereas Alexander, on the other hand, died in an alcoholic spiral of jealousy and hate, but for some strange reason, currently remains an idol of history. A false idol of history.

6) During your time in this field, what is the one thing that has kept you in good stead?   I always try to collaborate with good, creative, people who are very different from myself, because I believe the 'creative tension' born between two opposing ideologies can produce great and enjoyable work.

And on that note, I'd like to thank Wildfry for telling us about his online graphic novel, 'Last of the Irin', before encouraging you to check out his official Website, Facebook, and Instagram pages in order to find out about his printed editions (the first pages of the third volume have just been released).

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